Working Cattle

March 19, 2016

One of my favorite days of the year came!  The weather was Spring perfect, cool not cold, sunny not hot, no wind, rain or snow and beautiful blue skies!  Our Friend the Farmer needed his cattle worked.  This is his big day for the year and it takes a bunch of folks to get it all done.Working cows shootEveryone arrives…some of the neighbors just jump on their bikes…working cattle neighbor rideFor Our Friend the Farmer’s family, his kids, and grand kids big and small…this is a working day in a celebratory way.  The herd is handled.  The kids test their growth by throwing calves, and there is room for all to learn and grow.

working cattle jakeI am beyond thrilled to have been solidly upgraded to ‘Tetanus Shooter’.  Tetanus shots for all the bulls, except by the end of the day they are all steers, which is why they are getting tetanus shots.  I am careful in the close space to only shoot the bulls, no heifers and especially no people and to stay clear of the son with the branding iron.working cattle shooterA break is taken to move calves, eat banana bread, and show the littlest grandson the herd.working cattle grandpaThe calves are big this year…healthy…and loud as they ‘Moo’ for their Mamas.working cattle calvesThere is laughter, and occasional warnings of ‘watch out’.  Our Friend the Farmer is always concerned that someone might get hurt, but knows it takes a team and the team with experience teaches those without…whether it is an 11-year-old or a 56-year-old.  That is part of what makes the day so special…everyone is allowed to help…working together.working cattle castrating

working cattle smoking

working cattle nail polish

working cattle calves down

working cattle annie…and then we are done…and the calves are returned to their Mamas and the herd is feed.

The celebration continues as the people are fed…working cattle food

…and…such…working cattle drink

How blessed I am to live this life.

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