THE Giveaway!

June 20, 2017

Have you ever read the most famous blog Confessions of a Pioneer Woman?

Ree Drummond is sort of amazing.  I do enjoy her blog, her honesty and the cows.  How much she takes on could be a tad overwhelming, but I do urge you to check her out.  She also does…Giveaways!  Seriously!  This gal gives away some amazing stuff…boots, mixers, purses and plates….  I’ve entered a few of her Giveaways, but so far, my 1 in 10,000 chance has not panned out.

It made me realize that I wanted to do my own Giveaway.  The first (possibly the only) New Life Old Farm Giveaway!

Just in time for the Fourth of July, a red, white and blue table runner.

It measures about 12 in by 55 inches. 

Made by me….candlesticks not included.

Here is the scoop.

How to enter:

  1. Comment saying that “I am in” or “Winner winner chicken dinner” or “Please pick me!”


2. Email me at and tell me to enter you in THE Giveaway.

I will place your name in the hat.

Giveaway ends Sunday June 25, 2017 7:00pm PDT.

Entries really will be put in the hat, everyone is eligible….family, friends, foes…

I figure your chances of winning are probably about 1 in 5, but who knows maybe I will be surprised.

I had fun making this table runner and the thought of sharing it with one of you makes me smile!


Off To The Hills

June 18, 2017

Sometimes in life there is that friend.

The friend that inspires parents to say such things as, “If Johnny/Susie/Taylor jumps off of a bridge are you going to jump off of a bridge?”  Of course the ‘child’ always says, ‘No’.  However, if that friend invites them to jump off a bridge, then… they are probably jumping.

Which might be how on a certain recent evening The Hillbilly Rig was driven (noisily) up into the hills.  It was drizzling and the windshield wipers added more noise to the journey.  The road was shared with more cows than people, which was just perfect for our Hillbilly escapade.  We arrived at our location and enjoyed some appetizers.

…and a bit of ‘cheap’ beer.  I am a tiny bit embarrassed to say, that I did like the ‘cheap’ beer.  What can I say?  I’ve never been known as a beer connoisseur.Yes, that is a gun, and no, it doesn’t take bullets.  It is a pellet gun and it was so much fun!  We did a bit of target practice and this is considered the ‘proper’ form.

Who knows what kind of form I had, but not only did I actually hit a few cans, but I took the award for the most dents given to the cans.I’d probably be bragging a bit more, but I also earned the ‘one who had to pee in the woods’ award, so enough said.

We had fun!

So much fun, that more Hillbilly escapades are planned…quickly…. before My Loving Spouse sells the Hillbilly Rig!

That friend….every Thelma needs her Louise!



Country Kid-City Kid

June 15, 2017

There are certain times in life when your phone rings, and your heart stops for a second.  The middle of the night phone calls, that wake you from a peaceful slumber to dread in a nano second.  Usually, your heart starts beating again, when it is a wrong number and all you get from the caller is, “Donde esta Juan?”  I also get a similar reaction when my neighbors call.  Let me clarify, we have 2 neighbors and we could NOT ask for better neighbors, however, when they call, my gut reaction is ‘Oh, Bad British Word’ and I often do not say ‘hello’, I answer with this country greeting, “Are my cows out?”

I was recently in town having dinner with our New Jersey City Guest, Number Two Son and My Girl, when My Sweet Neighbor Sue called and because we were eating, I did not answer.  I breathed a sigh of relief when she did not leave a message.  We finished our meal and headed home.  We were about a third of a mile from home, passing one of Our Friend The Farmer’s fields, when we saw a big black cow.  His cows were in an adjoining field so immediately we assumed, one of his cows was out….until we got closer.  Agnes!!!

I slammed on the brakes of the truck, and I might have said a Bad British Word and kicked all the kids out to help wrangle her, including our New Jersey City Guest who was wearing cute City sandals and slightly intimidated by the large beast.  My Girl and I quickly changed places, so she could drive the truck and I could help chase the cow.  These two kids of mine live in the country, but not actually on purpose.  The last time they truly wanted to be ‘country folk’ was about 20 years ago.

Number Two ran after Agnes all the time moving her toward the direction of our farm, extremely careful to not let her get farther out in the big field, because once that happens…well, let me just say, the bovine usually wins the race.  We moved Agnes at a trot/run from one field, across the street, through the neighbor’s yard, where she stopped to poop in his freshly cut hay, back toward the City Guest (who tried to wave her City arms, but gave up and went for cover when the large cow came her way), down the driveway, into another large field, luckily back out into the road, where My Girl moved her down the road with the truck, into the driveway and back into OUR field, where she went to get a drink of water.

All the time you are chasing your cow, you are thinking, ‘Bad British Word, how did she get out?  What fence to I need to fix tonight?’

These two suburban born kids are country kids now, whether they meant to learn how or not!  They know exactly what to do, when the cow gets out.  They might be wearing sandals and shorts, but they get the job done…and with sweat streaming down their faces say things like, “I hate that cow!”  I was so proud of them.

The fences were fine, so how did Agnes get out?  Well, not all of our kids are Country kids yet.  There may/might/probably will be some gate latching lessons the next time our City kids visit.

Who let the cow out?  Moo, Moo, Moo,  Moo!


My Grandmothering heart is full and my Mothering heart is hopeful.

With 5 full days to soak up THE Grandchildren, I was a very happy camper.  Some say, that THE Grandson has me wrapped around his little finger, but if a darling boy asks me to play croquet, or trains, or read books or play with bubbles, why would I say “no”?

It was a time to get to know our smiling, beautiful and sweet granddaughter, Little E, and as always, real life was in session.  Two sinks leaked, the 4 dogs did not get a long, THE Grandson fell and went to Urgent care, a gate got left open and the cow got out.

However, we were there…for Number Two.  This was his time.  His graduation from college.  It took him more time and more years with a transfer from one school to the other, but he did it with honors and the respect of his classmates and his professors.  So, his family gathered to watch him walk. 

I was moved by the Bagpipes as they led the faculty and graduates for their walk through campus.  I was grateful for Professors who cared for my son, for well thought out seating, jumbo trons and plenty of port-a-potties.  …for silly, fun Number Two faces on sticks.

I am grateful for him…this special son of mine.

Celebrations can sometimes be hard. We wanted this to be as special a day as Number Two deserved, but it was out of our hands.  My Loving Spouse and I tried to include Number Two’s Dad and Step-Mom, we handed them a face on a stick.  I sent in THE Grandson to ask his Papa Jay, if he would come to the farm to have lunch with him.  After all, THE Grandson is hard to resist and he is 2 and destined to say ‘why’, if told ‘no’.  It has been many, many years…and finally…something thawed….something changed.

They came…we all sat at the same table…we all celebrated our son…and we were all blessed.I love you Number Two Son of mine.

Witty, funny, thoughtful and dear.

Voracious reader….Harry Potter lover.

You bless us all.




June 5, 2017

It takes a LOT of imagination to tackle restoring an old house.  

We must ‘imagine’ that we will finish someday.

We must ‘imagine’ how it should/could be.  We must ‘imagine’, that we can do it….get it done.

The upstairs bath is coming along….we are almost there!  It is such a treat to our eyes.  We can ‘imagine’ it done.After all, all we need is the glass door, the floor sanded and painted, the window painted, the lights installed, the fan installed, the heater installed, the bead board finished and the medicine cabinets built….that’s all, from where we started…we’re pretty happy with how our imagination works.  Feel free to use your imagination and you’ll see it done.

The Buck-a-roo room is ready for Number One’s Family.Luckily for me, I have a Sweet Girlfriend who like to paint.  She came and helped me put fresh paint on the walls.  Two walls accented with gray the rest a lovely fresh white.  You just need to ‘imagine’ the new red curtains are hanging up as well.  We only had time for one window treatment and as you can see, we opted to install the new room darkening shades so that THE Grandkids nap’s would go well.  A folding cot is set up for THE Grandson, in what is supposed to be the closet….sort of cozy, wouldn’t you say?  Walk-in closet to be or cozy toddler room now?Complete and ready for our little book-worm boy….or perhaps he is a book-cow boy.We are still a few (or a lot) of Advil bottles away from completing all the restoration we imagine here.

However, from our earliest imagination, we hoped to fill and enjoy this farm with our family…and we are indeed blessed.


Comings and Goings

May 30, 2017

Time to wean the twins, Fred and George.  I surprised myself, easily separating the calves from their mom.  I moved Agnes around to the pond to hang out with the chickens.  Whenever things go well with the large livestock, I do marvel at my life transformation!Agnes was not all that keen to be separated from her calves, but did find that she enjoyed the chicken’s feed.  I’m afraid things did not get better for my lovely cow, as we/me/I sold her offspring.  I have completely mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, selling my calves at a good price quickly, makes me feel like a true cattle woman and other than the fresh cow manure I stepped in while getting them loaded, I did strut around the farm just a bit.  Seeing my cow Mooing loudly for her calves, as the trailer removing them drove down the road, made me feel like an evil child stealer, but….day two and we are both over it!  My big ‘herd management plans’ include adding another cow (or two) for Agnes, so she will always have a girlfriend around, hopefully by this fall.

Other than cattle management, we have been scurrying about trying to get ‘stuff’ done.  Number Two Son is graduating from CWU in a matter of weeks.  It is always amazing how God works.  Number Two never planned on going to CWU.  We even talked about it before we moved here….we were all sure it wasn’t for him…but having a college here, did make this ‘country town’ a better fit for these ‘city people’.  One thing led to another, it ended up being a very good fit for him and here I am weeding in a big way, getting ready for the big day!The attic bath is getting painted….and tiled….and hopefully by the time THE Grandkids come for THE Graduation, they will be bathing in THE UPSTAIRS TUB!

…and we are blessed!


Riding in the Vineyard

Time to do fun stuff together (especially with our horses) is a constantly moving target.  Between My Loving Spouse’s schedule, the weather, my flue and the boys being shod, little has worked out.  We signed up for the Cave B Winery Prize ride, My Loving Spouse took the day off.  We knew we’d enjoy it, have fun […]

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Dear Bob

“Dear Bob,” is how I started my letters to Bob.   “Dear Bob“, I wrote approximately 40+ times in the last 5 years.I had planned to go to Bob’s 100th birthday party in a few short months, but Bob was called home. Last Sunday, he got dressed in his suit for church, unlocked the front […]

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The Purple Quilt

Graduation time is coming and the purple quilt is done!  Our church has only a few graduating seniors this year, so I was happy to be able to contribute a quilt for this special girl. The quilt started out as a ‘log cabin’ pattern, but then… I started making my own adjustments…until I liked it.  I love quilting […]

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Spring Fever

I have had Spring Fever these last few weeks! No, wait, I have had a fever these last few weeks of Spring.  The darling little people I work with managed to share a spring flu with me and it took me down.  While I was down, Spring was springing up.…all around.  The grass was greening… […]

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Hillbilly Rig

It is official.  We own a hillbilly rig. The fact that the deal was made while two bus drivers (My Loving Spouse and Co-worker) were fueling their buses at a truck stop, does not make it a Hillbilly Rig.  The fact that we could pay for it with one trip through the ATM, does not make […]

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New Baby Fish

There’s a new little fish in the family. My family name is Fisher. When you’re family name is Fisher, you are susceptible to things with fish on them…especially fabric. I found darling fish fabric, while I was getting just a bit more purple fabric and I had to have it.  My nephew’s family had just welcomed the […]

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