Cashing In

October 17, 2016

I’d love to think, that after 4.5 years, we would have been well finished with our restoration of this old home.  We are not, not at all.  Years ago, Dear John explained that we had taken on a ‘massive restoration’.  He was right, very right.  We may not be done for quite some time, but one thing never changes… I love where we live.  I experience gratitude daily, that I get to live right here, where I want to be.

From the sunrise this Sunday… sharing this little farm with others.

One of my school kids came to see me this summer.  We carved his name as best we could on a green pumpkin…with a high-tech pumpkin carving tool (a small screw driver).grateful-cash-pumpkinHe came back this weekend to pick up his pumpkin…and I gave him one more, because giving kids pumpkins that we have to cut from the vine is just plane fun.grateful-cashThe last time he came, he really wanted to hold a chicken.  Don’t ask me why.  It is a great way to live, to make kids happy with simple things.  My Loving Spouse was on-hand to catch our slowest chicken and let him hold her.  From the look on his face, I think he learned that not everything you want to try is worth it!grateful-chickenLife is good.  I get to live here….

and I am blessed.




October 9, 2016

I sent My Loving Spouse a text.  I needed to give him a shopping list. Except, I did not type the text, I told the phone what the shopping list was and the phone typed the text.



So I was really careful and enunciated clearly, so the phone would understand…



Oh, bloody hell, I muttered.

politicsLike this pumpkin, life feels ‘tight’.

Who knew 4 1/2 years ago when we started this restoration, that we would not yet be done!  Luckily, not I.

All we have left is to finish the bathroom, expand the master bath, relocate the laundry room, build a mud room, rebuild the part of the house that is still falling off, repair fences, restore the workshop and replace a few more windows.

Believe it or not, but we have been making progress on some of this…it is just that after 4 1/2 years, it is hard to imagine that anyone is interested in hearing that:

  1. Number Two Son got new windowsprogress-window-riley2. The attic bathroom storage room got drywalled…and I had to do it, as I was the ‘small limber’ one.  Anytime I am the small one, you darn well know that there are  not very many people to pick from.progress-bathroom-room3.  I grew some pumpkins…amazing pumpkins!  “Wow!”  Is what most people say when they see them.  Lots of pumpkins, but 2 huge 200 pound whoppers…one for THE Grandson, and one for Mr. T and Z.  What can I say?  I have an orange thumb.

political-pumpkinsI have been in a quiet stage.

School is busy.

My Loving Spouse is busy.

He is gone a lot.  When he is not gone, we are not sure, when he will be gone.  We only know his schedule a few days at a time and this fact has made me…weary.  ‘Weary’, sheesh, that is sort of a ‘sock’ word (you fill in the blank).  My Loving Spouse is my partner, my best friend, my help mate…animal feeder, drywall sander, tractor engine repairer and cook.  Not knowing when he’ll be home or for how long is difficult, as life’s problems go…this situation is a good one and so I am weary, but I know that still…

I am blessed.


The One Grammy Made

September 20, 2016

es-quiltWe are having a Granddaughter.  We are quite excited!  es-quilt2-1This little baby girl, like her big brother, THE Grandson, will not have any shortage of special blankets and quilts made for them with great love by their Mamma, their Grandma and their Grammy.  I’ve seen THE Grandson go to sleep with 3 blankets, one made by us each.  His Mamma tells this 2-year-old, who made each blanket, a reminder of our love for him.  I am grateful for thought I was going to tell you, that this is my first ever ‘Log Cabin’ Quilt design and how much fun it was, and that it was easy, and that making a quilt for someone you love is the best part of quilting…even if you haven’t actually met that some one found myself thinking, how grateful I am for who Number One Son married.  When they were still teenagers on our family vacation, the option came up to go and see my newest nephew, in hot Sacramento or go to the beach for the night.  She said, “I want to go and see the baby!”  Which was what we all wanted and so we did!  Number One Wife was part of My and My Loving Spouse’s wedding.  Number One Wife was the one who thought to bring games and snacks for Team Offspring, during my cancer surgery.  Number One Wife was with us the first day we stepped foot on Glory am ever, so ever grateful that with plenty of blanket making creative people in My Grandchildren’s lives, we each have a ‘place’ and are valued… es-quilt6…and I know that My Daughter In Law/Number One Wife will say to her little girl someday…

This is the one that Grammy made…es-quilt7…and I am blessed.


Back On The Trail

September 17, 2016

trail-rideSchool is back in session, so My Loving Spouse and I did what we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  We hit the trail.  The September evening was gorgeous and perfect for a trail ride.  Out the back gate, along the John Wayne Trail with a loop back along the canal.  This also brings us up close to Our Friend the Farmer’s Parked Up Project Lot.  Don’t judge, remember our bathtub came from this treasure trove.  Every time we ride by, My Loving Spouse comments on a particular truck, “he’d love to get his hands on”…trail-ride-junk-yardI’ll be honest, I spent most of the time riding along the canal keeping my eye at the bottom of the water.  I was working on getting the ‘Mother of the Year’ award, by locating a certain Son’s car key he lost early in the summer, while floating the canal.  trail-ride-2School is back in session.  I love my job.  This week was the first week for kindergartener.  We have all day kindergarten….thought up by some bright spark, who has never actually taught all day kindergarten.  The last hour of all day kindergarten is a bit like herding 20 cats and then someone throws water on them, cold water…yep, it is like that.

We had 20 in the library, sitting on the rug, which looked a bit more like wiggling live bait.  Ten minutes into our library time:

  • One boy looked up burst into tears, crying with gusto…  “I miss my Mommy!”
  • A lost 5 year old wandered in from another class, noticed we had books and thought he’d stay
  • A teacher in an adjoining room asked if I could watch her class, while she went to look for a girl who had not returned from using the bathroom

After giving up or giving in or getting smart, we broke out lots of legos and let the poor little ones play until it was time to go out to recess.  Upon, being told it was time for recess, one little boy exclaimed,

“Outside!!  I was just out there!  Nope, I am not going!”

…and so, when I get the opportunity to take a trail ride…I will take it!



After The Rodeo

September 4, 2016

rodeo bunting

rodeo bunting2Rodeo weekend is a celebration.  We still carry the aftermath of what a Los Angeles Crowd looks, feels and sometimes smells like, so a ‘crowded’ Rodeo night just makes us giggle.  The numbers are mild, but the attitude is festive!  Everyone is there to enjoy the western sport. This year, we added to our education by joining in the after party, behind the chutes.  ‘Chutes’ being where the bulls and broncs are nightNo alcohol is sold in the arena.  If you want a beer after the event, you join in the party.  Straw bales are not set out for ‘effect’, but set out to sit or stand on, because it just makes balesThe band was playing.  The people were dancing.  The beer was flowing.  It felt a bit like being in the moving Sweet Home Alabama, (except this being Washington, they never played that song, which is too bad for me, since it is a song that I actually know and I had worn my going to ‘town boots’ and they are almost always ready to dance.)rodeo bandI loved it.  rodeo mustacheThis wasn’t ‘a’ Western party, this was ‘the’ Western party.

I am so grateful that I get to live here!


Unfold The Map

September 2, 2016

There are certain times in one’s life, where quitting is just not an option.  When the garden hose attached with the sewer unplugger is stuck in the waste pipe one is trying to unstick…yes, that would be just one of those times.  My Loving Spouse crawls under the house.  My instructions are to jam the hose up and down so he can hear where it is stuck.  Basic plumbing at its finest.septic patOh, yes, we are a formidable team.  He learns a lot while he is down ‘there’, mostly that he’ll never be the one replacing the main sewer line and we add that to the list called, “When our ship comes in”.

Luckily for us, we who do not quit, we do get the hose out.  Bad news is that the line is still plugged.  We develop a new plan of attack, called ‘go at it from the other end’.  This means digging up the Clean Out lid.  One would think this would be easy, because

1. We’ve done it before.

2.  We have a map.

We measure and dig a bit and learn a valuable life lesson…maps work best when completely unfolded…PicMonkey CollageWe do find THE lid.  We open it up.  We decide to completely go British at this time…have a cup of tea or (jam, biscuits and coffee.)spetic jamThe only ones sort of excited that we had to dig up the septic clean out hole seems to be the chickens.spectic chxWe reorganize and rent some serious plumbing equipment.  This takes multiple available ‘hands’ or  feet as it were as Number Two’s job seems to be to step on the control that runs the line.  My Loving Spouse handles the line that digs in the pipe.  I mostly stand back and say stuff like, ‘Well done!’  Grateful to not be hanging on to anything that has been inside our pipes.PicMonkey Collage (1)At this time someone drives into our yard to ask if we are selling hay.  Now, nothing says, ‘We’ve got hay for sale’ like having one’s back-end sticking out of your septic clean out trap.  There were a lot of items this person could have asked if we did, but selling hay was not actually on the list.

The hay buyer is redirected.

The rental sewer unsticker is returned after having done the job.

We’re back in love with our wonderful old house.  The pipes are running freely.  We’ve all showered and smell good, instead of all just smell.

Life is good and we are blessed.


Filling My Cup

One of the best parts of living in Ellensburg, is that Seattle, the big city, is just over the hill.  I can go visit it, if I want to and get reacquainted with what traffic really looks like, get a Chinese foot massage (which I highly recommend), visit a new cutting edge (pun intended) surgeon for […]

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Farm Babies

There is a saying, that if you want to make God laugh, make plans.  Growing up, we had a dog and a cat, but even these must have been added to the household prior to any memory of mine.  Newborn animals were only experienced on Wild Kingdom or National Geographic.  There are no cows on Daleridge […]

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21 Hours At Glory Farm

Somedays nothing happens here… Other days it happens all at once. We were having Mr. T and Z for a week.   We were still waiting on Agnes to calve.  My Sorority Sister and her Husband were coming to the farm for an overnight.  It was hot and there were plenty of flies.  I warned […]

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Croquet Rules!

Croquet rules at Glory Farm as the sport of choice. Played by all ages.Beverages are encouraged. The official Glory Farm Croquet Season starts around Memorial Day and can run as late as Thanksgiving depending on the snow levels.Exact and intricate record keeping for ‘the season’, is handled by yours truly.Points are awarded in each game: […]

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It is a little known fact, that I love to rip stuff out.  (Not stitches, I do not like to unsew.)  Fences long forgotten, and no longer used are nice to pull out.  I especially love to rip out, raze, cut to the ground bushes and plants whose value is long past.  For years, my family […]

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Waiting On Agnes

Agnes is bred.  Every time My Loving Spouse says to her, “Hey, you fat old cow.”  I hush him, because even if it is true, it just isn’t nice.  Although, she is not really very old and she is not fat, she is bred/pregnant/great with calf.  We (me/My Loving Spouse/Our Friend the Farmer) thought she’d […]

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