Agnes on Sabbatical

September 24, 2017

I took a walk down the road the other day.  I had some produce to deliver to Agnes.  Agnes has been on sabbatical this summer.

Black Angus Cows have really one job, which is to produce more Black Angus Offspring.  Agnes took this summer off.  All you cattlemen, should now take a collective gasp.  However, it is important to remember that in 3 years, Agnes calved 5 living calves, so she is sort of ahead of schedule.

Last fall, when Agnes went to the ‘prom’, there were 4 bulls in the field.  We think, quite possibly, that all the bulls started arguing, fighting and showing off (as intact male animals are sometimes capable of doing) thereby preventing each other from getting to ‘dance’ with Agnes, when she was really ‘ready to  dance’.  Anyway…no calf this summer.

Agnes was not happy.  She was bellowing for bulls and seemed lonely.  She is a herd animal and she refuses to recognize the horses as her ‘herd’.  Our Friend the Farmer said she could spend the rest of the summer down the road with some of his young cows and…..a bull.  I gave Agnes a fresh set of shots, we loaded her up in the trailer and dropped her off in the field down the road.  Agnes came out of the trailer and ran across the field to meet up with the herd.  I felt sort of sad for her, that she had been alone.

I have checked on her and brought her a few bananas, which makes the other cows wonder what in the world is going on.  I think they sort of roll their cow eyes at us.

We are hoping she got the opportunity to ‘dance’ a bit with the bull.  She should be home soon and with any luck, she’ll be ‘in the family way’!


Grandparents Needed

September 17, 2017

This might sound a tad ‘bossy’, and because I did not fall far from my mother’s ‘bossy tree’, I do try to be careful.  (Yes, it is true.  My mother had nicknames such as, “that bossy blonde” and “Bossy Aunt Betty”, just to name a few).  I am going on record here as not being bossy, or preachy or pushy.  I am being encouraging.  

Grand-parenting is fairly magical.  I love THE Grandchildren with a passion.   They fill my heart with joy, which is not really a surprise.  Here comes the really cool part…I feel the same way with Mr. T and Z.

When I see those little people, my Grand-parenting kicks in.  I do things like spend my dinner money buying them treats at the fair, even though it might be right before their dinner time.Things come out of my mouth without planning, that are pure Grand-parenting.  I saw Z the next day at the fair with her friend.  She called to me and I hugged her and said, “Do you have enough spending money?”  Those words do not usually come out of my mouth.  Because I was able to offer, my heart was filled with joy.

This post is to encourage some (not all) of you (and you know who you are) to go find some Grandchildren.  Since I have never seen a Grandkids R’ Us, you may have to work at it, but trust me, it is easier than you’d think.  Go to a nearby elementary school and ask, if there is a teacher there who would like an adult to sit and read with students.  Be willing to go every week, maybe for an hour…then just show up and wait for the magic to happen.

Trust me, you will be blessed.

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Messages From The Pig

September 9, 2017

A few years ago, I talked My Loving Spouse into making some chalkboard pigs.  I LOVE ours!  It hangs over the kitchen sink, where a window should be.  

Apparently, the pig speaks Chinese.

We leave our special/random messages for one another.

I think everyone should have a pig.We did have to glue his tail back on, after an unfortunate tail incident.

Even with a few scars or a glued on tail, we can still be a positive messenger…tell the family what is important…

This message may be up for a while….

…and we are blessed.

I say, find yourself a pig.


Marital Trust

September 3, 2017

I have been painting the barns.  Well, I have been painting as far as I could reach comfortably with a ladder (a tall ladder), a paint sprayer and a can of wasp spray.  All of which did not get the job done, enter My Loving Spouse with a plan.  We attempted the plan yesterday…it didn’t work.

Today, we had a ‘new’ plan.

This plan included my driving our tractor, Blue, while he painted on a ladder…that was in the bucket of Blue.

Seriously, what could go wrong?We carefully went over our signals for when I was to lower the bucket, raise the bucket, move the tractor….not drop the bucket with My Loving Spouse in the bucket!  


I sat in the tractor careful to do everything exactly right, and thought…this truly is marital trust.  He did a great job painting the white trim.  I did a great job driving the tractor.  Any little white paint marks that dropped onto the barn red, we are pretending is bird poop.We got it done.  It looks great.  More importantly…no husbands were harmed in the painting of this barn.

We are a darned good team…and we are blessed.


August 31st.

August 31, 2017

The end of summer is in the air, in a way I’d never experienced in the first half century of my life living in Southern California.  There, the end of August meant very little, other than the prospect of a month or more of continued hot weather.

I have stopped watering the vegetable garden in fear of rotting my plethora of pumpkins…and all my green tomatoes just keep staying green.

The geese are in the air, taunting My Loving Spouse, as if they know, that it is not hunting season…yet.

While we are still barbecuing, our croquet games start before dinner rather than after.  The season stats would show, that although I’ve played the most, I’ve won the least.  No wonder Team Offspring just laughs, when I remind them with my ‘pre-game’ admonishment of “No Crying When I Clean Your Clock”.

The garden projects are not really complete, just broken into phases called ‘this year’ and ‘next year’.

There is a ‘Hoedown in The Down Town’.  Lights are strung and the community comes.  The event is fun, festive and free.  Folks in sandals, boots and sneakers are all one, when the music starts.  As we have finally reached the point, where all of his bad joints have been replaced with new ones, My Loving Spouse gets home from work early, to take me dancing.

…and I am blessed.


And Then There Were Two

August 20, 2017

Our pups have been making their transition from Glory Farm to their new family.  These families are so important to us.  This is a huge reason to do this litter…helping good homes, get good dogs…

“June” and Carl….a second ‘family’ set.  Carl’s sister has Remi, one of our puppies from last year….  I cannot even count the number of times Carl thanked us for this little pup.

We love for our pups to go to friends, or friends of friends….

This darling girl will go to live the island life on Whidbey Island, via a Southern California friend of ours….

Speaking of Sisters…These 3 cried when they heard they were getting a puppy, but which pup?  Big sister is holding their pup, while little sister is holding their Aunt’s pup!  Sister’s getting darling black girls…Here she is…

What about the boys?  Brother’s getting our only set of black boys?Diesel and Maverick are off to great homes….these boys just make us smile.

and before we knew it, then there were 2…

..and we are blessed.



When I think of last week, I can only think…chaos.  The best kind of chaos and I smile.  There is that warm feeling in my heart, contentment and joy.  The house was full of family and dogs (14 to be exact, 4 adults and 10 puppies).  The puppies were socialized. The weather was hot.  Hot […]

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6 Painting Tips

I do not really like to paint.  I do, however, like the results painting brings.  I hadn’t planned to paint this summer, but as we know here….plans are often over rated.  I have painted enough this summer to pass on 6 really crucial tips that will make any painting job you tackle better than ever!  Paint […]

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Look Who Dropped By

Thumbnail image for Look Who Dropped By

What is better than visiting puppies? Sharing puppies!  With 10 healthy little pups and a Mama dog, that is willing to let people hold her babies, (as long as they scratch her head first), there are enough puppies for everyone.Santa left these boys an IOU about 18 months ago, for a “Puppy when the time […]

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Fresh Eggs

We have true free range chickens.Unfortunately they like to hang out on the porch on windy or hot days…or still, cool days…or rainy days.  Yep, just about everyday, hanging out, pooping on the porch.  They have a short memory, because they get chased off with a broom by me often!  Then they jump into what […]

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Those Pesky Flies

We have a few flies here at the farm.  Flies are ugly, nasty, gross insects.  Where there is poop, there are flies.  I can well remember my mother, Betty, hollering at us kids, “Do NOT put the fly swatter on the table/counter!!!  Flies land in dog doo!” It left a mark on me.  She was […]

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Driving In Hay

I was driving in hay the other night.  Seriously, imagine me (born suburban girl) driving a truck and trailer through the edge of a hay-field.  The object was to drive slowly, stay out of the plethora of ditches, do not run into any fences or dogs and try not to actually drive over any of […]

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