Quiz of Surprises

January 9, 2018

Life is full of surprises. I continue to be surprised by mine.

I hope to hear about your answers to my Quiz of surprises.  (My answers are in orange).

  1.  What is in your refrigerator that surprises you?  Answer – 8 way, a vaccine for cattle

2.  What tool do you use daily that surprises you?  Answer – my pock knife (possibly the fact, that I have a pocket knife) for opening bales of hay.  Answer 2- hay hooks for hauling bales of hay!

3.  If you could have a new vehicle, regardless of cost, what would it be and yes this surprises me, but even if it didn’t, it is my quiz?   Answer – A John Deere, 4 wd with a loader and PTO (extra surprise points for the fact that I know what a PTO means and does)

4.  If you could have another animal, what would it be?  Answer – Probably a…..SURPRISE…Cow!

5.  If you could live anywhere you wanted to where would you be?  Answer – Right where I am.

6.  What would you like to be better at?  Answer – Riding (horses)

7.  What do you need to do next?  Answer – Me, go put wood on the stove. 

You????  After you surprise me by answering this no-fail quiz.

Life is good.



Dear Boy

January 2, 2018

15 years ago, Santa supplied my three with a puppy for Christmas.I can still hear their giggles in the back seat of the car, as we drove him home.

Most dogs are good.

Some dogs are great.

Snickers was the greatest of the great at loving us.…and as much as we might have given him…He gave us so much more…


We’ve known this time was coming……the kids have grown up, while he has grown old. We’ll miss our dear boy fiercely and the history we have shared.

My tears are streaming.

Loved by a Labrador.

Rest In Peace Dear Boy,

Thank you for loving us so well.





December 30, 2017

I just returned from our public library with 4 books.  I am a tad nervous, because I’ve never read any of these authors and the library will not be open again for 2 days.  If I do not like them, I am in trouble!  At 58, I have decided, that I never have to read anything I do not like, one of the perks of being a grown up.  However, I love to read and am lost without being in the middle of a book.

I am not a voracious reader.  Truth be told, I am actually a fairly slow reader.  I am, however a consistent reader.  This year I carved out more time for reading, many days over the summer, I even added ‘reading’ to my ‘to do’ list.  Alone often in the evening, I read instead of watching TV.  I am glad I did. I have discovered new authors, looked at life differently and learned some new stuff.  I managed to read 46 books this year, the most I’ve read since my days at UCLA as a history major where the reading requirements were overwhelming.

I used Pinterest to keep track of books I want to read.  This might be one of the smartest things I’ve ever done with that site.  This has been so helpful in remembering books I’ve heard about from friends and reviewing books on Amazon and then adding them to my book ‘board’.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites this year…

I love to buy books for others for almost any reason.  You might say, that I am a book pusher.  Actually, that is sort of my job at school, book pusher and book put away-er.  Here are some of my favorites for the kids.

Age 9-10

Age 7…

Age 5 or 6…


So, what great books did you enjoy this year or do you plan to read next year?

I also want to say how much I appreciate your coming along side me in this blog.  May you have a very Happy New Year.



December 22, 2017

There is sawdust on my slippers, my ‘inside’ shoes.  We’ve been mixing Christmas activities such as cutting down our own tree in the forest, with work on THE bathroom.

I would say, that it is the longest bathroom remodel/addition in the history of Ellensburg, but I know someone who took 8 years on theirs.  We are way ahead of that!

The bead board trim and base boards are up, so the floor just needed to be sanded.  I took this task over, as someone was laying down on the job.My knees and back held out for all the sanding of the floors, so I applied the filler to the floors as well.  Giving My Loving Spouse time to put the finishing touches on THE Grandson’s Christmas present, a replica of a present his Grandfather made for him, when he was a small boy.  We are pretty excited to be giving this gift.  No, I cannot tell you what it is, it is a secret.We have mixed our time off from school and driving with a renewed determination to finish the damn/darn/beautiful bathroom.  Work and play have been in balance.  Number Two Son took me to the Gard Winery Christmas party.  Great wine, great food and fun down to earth people.  I was more star struck by the Farm manager who grows their grapes, than I’ve ever been by any famous actors I have met.  An Ugly Christmas sweater party, proved a bit more challenging, as we are too cheap to actually buy anything ugly.  I made My Loving Spouse this Ugly sweater and then ‘made’ him wear it, while I literally stole the tree skirt from under our Christmas tree.  I am grateful for these days, of working and playing together.  I am well aware, that this season, this season of hope can be painful and bleak.

I easily remember different Christmas days.  The desperate time of deep sadness, that after years of marriage counseling, my children would be having parents that divorced.  It hurts my heart still.

Where do we find ‘hope’?

I believe hope is given to us.  Given by those who walk alongside us, especially in our darkest days.  Hope is not thrust upon us, but believed for us.   I came out of my darkest days, with hope that life would some day be different, because dear, compassionate, trusted friends believed it for me, shared it with me and helped me to see, that our God is a God of love and second chances…even for me with all my mess…and even for you.

If this season is bleak, I want to share my hope for you.  I believe your life will get better and that you are loved, in all your mess.  After all, Jesus was born in a stable, and we all know that there had to be some mess in there.

Thank you for walking along with me,

Merry Christmas,



December 16, 2017

Agnes is home and Alice is here!  Whoo and hoo!  I had been saving pumpkins to share with them as a homecoming treat.  They were very appreciative.

Alice is a Black Angus Cow, that we purchased from Our Friend the Farmer.  She is from the same year as Agnes, so they are sort of sisters.  Alice missed her date at the prom this year, so she was available for purchase.  Alice will be Agnes’ companion and sent to the prom again next year for another ‘try’.  Agnes, on the other hand, is ‘great with child’, due in the spring.The ‘girls’ are easy to tell apart, as Alice (on the left) is a tad beefier than Agnes, but don’t say that to her, as that is a bit rude.  She is meant to be ‘cow’ (calf breeding machine), not ‘hamburger’.

We’ve named her after My Loving Spouse’s Grandmother, after all we’ve already named a calf after my Grandmother (Clara).

I am so excited to be expanding my herd and will enjoy them every day, until they get ‘out’, then I may say a Bad British word.  I have learned however, that is part of the cattle business.  

The chickens have had plenty of time to decorate as they are on an egg laying sabbatical!

Alice is home for the holidays and we are very blessed.


The Blue Rock Saloon

December 7, 2017

The Blue Rock Saloon.  Saloon, as in western bar, John Wayne watering hole.  Swinging doors, yep, they have those.  Door handles that let you know, this is a ‘saloon’, not a salon.

I’d define the atmosphere a ‘Western Whimsical’.  Unlike Glory Farm, the Saloon has completed their Holiday decorating.

Every end of the Saloon is decorated.

Not completely a John Wayne style hang out, as a few servers have ‘Man-buns’ and there is ping pong.  

…and corn holes.A free pool table and shuffle board invites folks to play…

..or to just sit a spell.  It is My Loving Spouse’s new favorite place to eat.  The food is yummy and inexpensive.  Our Taco Tuesday feast, included 2 beers and the bill was under $20.

We’ve even managed to run into Number Two and Number Four Son here.

Well, not here….I suppose it is possible for My Loving Spouse to run into them here.  (Yes, he did take this picture of the urinals for me, proving ‘true love knows no bounds.)

There is a calendar of events posted to the wall and I cannot wait for next summer, when ‘line dancing’ will be re-scheduled.  I’ll be showing up in my dancing boots (those would be the ones that don’t have cow/chicken/horse poop on them) and do a bit of stomping and shuffling and having some fun!

…and I am blessed!



Back To Normal

We are back to ‘normal’ after having over 300 people traipse through our home during the Homespun Holiday Boutique 3 days ago.  ‘Normal’ meaning, we haven’t managed to put very much away…We cannot find the ironing board.  (I know!  Who looses their ironing board?) The dishwasher is also missing.That’s not true, I know exactly where […]

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Virtual Boutique

Last year a few of you said, “Hey, there should be a ‘virtual boutique’ for those of us, who don’t live in Ellensburg!” So…it got me thinking…as I got ready for our boutique here, what if I sewed more… …and so I did. You folks stretch me.  It only took me all day to figure […]

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After School

Our schools here are run a bit differently than those my children attended.  The kids here get more music, more recess and more library.  Two thumbs way up! These schools also have school buses and transportation is a huge department.  The buses that go out into the country don’t ‘go’, until they have all ages […]

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My Sewing Room In Pictures

My sewing room is finally, just that, a reflection of me and a hard-working room.  It really started by removing the book cases (I hated) into the family room.  This move put them where they belong, pulled the family room together and now I LOVE them!Just goes to prove ‘right thing-right place’. This meant the […]

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Line Item

It has happened. I believe it is now official. It is not because we have more critters than people sharing our evening. It is not because My Loving Spouse and I have just recently both been listening to the same local (ie. Country/Western radio station) and saying words like, “That’s a good station!” It is […]

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Quilters Hug With Fabric

Quilters hug with fabric. In celebrations of joy and in struggles, that is often our journey, my response is to hug.  When the loved one is not near, the response is even stronger to sew.Sew a quilt, that I hope will express my love. Sew a quilt designed uniquely for the receiver.  This one is […]

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