Riding in the Vineyard

May 18, 2017

Time to do fun stuff together (especially with our horses) is a constantly moving target.  Between My Loving Spouse’s schedule, the weather, my flue and the boys being shod, little has worked out.  We signed up for the Cave B Winery Prize ride, My Loving Spouse took the day off.  We knew we’d enjoy it, have fun and who knows maybe even win a load of gravel!  We also planned (as in talked about it, but the weather and life did not co-operate) to ride the horses a few times so we’d (horses and me) all have our spring jitters out of us.  Yes, that did not happen, best laid plans etc.  We did make it to the winery determined to enjoy our day.

We rode to the first tasting stop.  Easily setting up this first shot without My Loving Spouse spilling his wine.

A gorgeous location set just above the gorge of the Columbia river.  A beautiful day to be out and nothing beats Washington for beautiful cloud formations.  We tried to stay away from the other 118 riders, as more horses just add jitters to horses that haven’t been out.  You are not supposed to let your horse know you are jittery, so I worked hard at telling myself I was calm…..trying to fool at least one of us.

The only thing that could have made this day better, is if our horses just wanted to plod along and be lazy.  As is often the case on a first outing horses are hyped up on the green grass they’ve been eating.  They act skittish, dance sideways and seem scared of their own shadow.  We had just reached the red wine tasting location and needed to turn into this cloud formation.

The black cloud got blacker and we were now nearer the gorge’s edge.  It looked like a thunder and lightening show at any moment.  The day before we’d had a thunder and lightening storm at school, while the first grader’s were out a recess.  A drenched horde of crying, scared 6 year old kids came running into the library.  6 year old children have a bigger brain than a horse.  I was not enthused to ride into a thunder storm on a large animal with a small brain, near a cliff, who was already not comfortable to be out riding.

At that moment we decided to turn toward our trailer.  Beau got worse, refusing to step over a water line and I had to toss out the only glass of wine I’d been able to sample so far, so I could keep both hands available for managing my hyped up horse.  (Although I did manage to make up for it later once I was back on solid ground.)

Half way back to the trailer, Beau was worse and we needed to return through a row of staked grape vines.  I got off my beast, took the reins in my hand and we walked back in, well, I walked back in, Beau danced sideways almost the whole time, while My Loving Spouse and Sundance rode to the trailer as the hail started to fly.

I made the right riding decision for me, as I said, “There is a very fine line between ‘pushing the envelope’ and ‘it all going to hell in a hand-bag’!”

We did have a nice day.  We do have plans to return to the gorge to ride again…just not with an additional 118 horses and after we’ve had some more time in the saddle and possibly without a hail storm.
Am I blessed? You better believe it!


Dear Bob

May 14, 2017

“Dear Bob,” is how I started my letters to Bob.  

“Dear Bob“, I wrote approximately 40+ times in the last 5 years.I had planned to go to Bob’s 100th birthday party in a few short months, but Bob was called home.

Last Sunday, he got dressed in his suit for church, unlocked the front door, so the choir director could come in and help him with his tie.  He sat down in his chair and quietly passed away….ready for church…ready to sing in God’s choir.  I cannot think of a better way for him to go…quietly, quickly, ready for church.

I’ve cried a few tears.

It will be odd to not write letters to “Dear Bob”.

I have been working on transforming the front garden.  There is lots of work to do.  I have lots of plans, but I am now doing it all out-of-order.  Today, I planted two climbing roses in Bob’s memory.  I think about one of the anthems Bob wants sung at his service…”May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful.

Often in life, it seems easy to feel as if, I haven’t been or done enough…as Bob’s friend, I have no regrets.

Bob’s Arbor….I have been blessed by my friendship with my dear Bob.


The Purple Quilt

May 11, 2017

Graduation time is coming and the purple quilt is done!  Our church has only a few graduating seniors this year, so I was happy to be able to contribute a quilt for this special girl.

The quilt started out as a ‘log cabin’ pattern, but then… I started making my own adjustments…until I liked it.  I love quilting my way!

This senior has plans for a major in musical theater, so I added a few treble clefs in the quilting.I used flannel strips for the backing.  I didn’t want them to look like a lot of left over pieces, so I put them on the diagonal.  (If one knows better, they might not do this, as flannel stretches, especially on the diagonal!  It did make it a bit harder to quilt, but I am still glad I did it.)  Sometimes it is good to not know ‘the rules’, just jump in and sew away!I think she will like it.  It was made with all the best of intentions, hopes and prayers….…and I am blessed.


Spring Fever

May 6, 2017

I have had Spring Fever these last few weeks!

No, wait, I have had a fever these last few weeks of Spring.  The darling little people I work with managed to share a spring flu with me and it took me down.  While I was down, Spring was springing up.…all around.  The grass was greening…

The cows and chickens were loving it.The Spring bulbs were blossoming, bringing a huge smile to my face every time I managed a sneak peek outside to see them.My Buddy Beau was keeping his eye out for me, wondering when I would be back to play….No one is happier to see Spring than I am…no one!  I am so happy, that spring is here.  I am even happier, that I am well enough to enjoy it!

Spring is here!  It is beautiful!….and I am blessed!


Hillbilly Rig

April 19, 2017

It is official.  We own a hillbilly rig.

The fact that the deal was made while two bus drivers (My Loving Spouse and Co-worker) were fueling their buses at a truck stop, does not make it a Hillbilly Rig.  The fact that we could pay for it with one trip through the ATM, does not make it a Hillbilly Rig.  (These facts just make it an extra vehicle, that was cheap, that My Loving Spouse thought he could fix, so My Girl could drive again to work in something other than our vehicles).

A Hillbilly Rig is often fixed with duct tape.A Hillbilly Rig often has bits missing that are replaced with hand tools….such as window cranks (for those of you, that know how to crank a window).A Hillbilly Rig needs special instructions for regular features, such as how to open the door, because a bolt dropped off.  How to start it, because I could not stomp on the clutch hard enough to engage the switch, so My Loving Spouse installed a starter switch for it.A Hillbilly Rig has an antenna ball on the antenna, even though it doesn’t have a radio. A Hillbilly Rig has fancy mud flaps, which the seller wants back, because they are special to him.My Loving Spouse started to explain to me how to take the key out of the ignition, but I told him to not bother.  I am leaving the key in.  No one is going to steal it, because:

a.  They need to know that the key is in it.

b.  They need to know how to open the door.

c.  They need to know how to start it.

d.  They need to know how to drive a stick.

A Hillbilly Rig inspires perfectly ‘normal’ friends to say things to you, such as,

‘We’ve got to pick up some cheap beer and drive up into the hills.’

A Hillbilly rig must come in a variety of colors.I am not proud.  I drove it to work, but…

My Girl better learn to drive a stick and fast, because I want my car back.

Come and visit us…we’ve got a rig you can borrow!



New Baby Fish

April 13, 2017

There’s a new little fish in the family.

My family name is Fisher.

When you’re family name is Fisher, you are susceptible to things with fish on them…especially fabric.

I found darling fish fabric, while I was getting just a bit more purple fabric and I had to have it.  My nephew’s family had just welcomed the newest little fish and my Great Nephew carried, his Daddy’s, his Granddaddy’s and his Great Granddaddy’s initials.

I had to keep this new quilt simple, because I have too many other projects going, this comment alone, clearly defines me now as a quilter.  My goal was to sew this baby a quilt, easy, cute and get it in the mail.

I bought a bit of green bubbles to go with the fishes, a white on white and planned to use what else I had at home.

The width was decided by the size of my ruler (6 inches) to keep things simple.  I sewed these strips together and then cut them in to 6 inch tall strips.  I picked out some bright primary colored polka-dots and gingham for the other squares, cut them in 6 inch blocks, sewed them to white 6 inch blocks and ‘ta-da’!

I drew and cut out a card board fish.

I used this to trace and cut out 5 fabric fish and added them to a sea of blue.

I think it is easier to line up your applique and then trim off the excess after they’ve been sewn.

I got all ‘fancy’ and put the new little Fish’s initial’s on his quilt.

I love the yellow gingham binding!

and you know what?

I am blessed!

With love to them all

Joseph Solomon Fisher

John Stuart Fisher

Justin Stuart Fisher

Jacen Solomon Fisher



Signs of Spring

Spring is here!!! Everyone is so glad, after that winter we had, that almost no one is complaining about the wind! All the signs of spring are here….There are so many signs of spring, that even My Girl is leaving ‘signs’ for her brother.We do have spring bulbs peeking out of the dirt, the grass […]

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Pack A Quilter

My Loving Spouse and I figured out a vital truth on our trip to Cannon Beach last week.  Travel is better, if you pack a quilter.  Seriously, my need for fabric took us to places we would have never gone to otherwise. I will be making a quilt for one of our graduating seniors this […]

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Cannon Beach, Oregon-Spring Break

It is easy to know, if someone has been to Cannon Beach.  You say, “Cannon Beach”, and if they’ve been there, their eyes glaze over, they smile and quite probably they sigh. My Loving Spouse and I were due a get-away.  A get-away together, when neither of us were working, and we were somewhere we wanted to […]

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Chick, Chick!

Cheep, cheep! I say, “Chick Chick” to a class and the class says, “Cheep,cheep!” back, because we hatched! 6 little chicks hatched in our incubator and thanks to the live feed, we didn’t miss a beat!  To say that there was some excitement at our school, would possibly be the understatement of the year.  We […]

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Hatching A Plan

My Librarian and I hatched a plan.  We (the library) had incubators.  I (Glory Farm) had eggs.  I taught about ‘broody hens’, the difference between grocery store eggs, and eggs that had a rooster around, what jobs the mother hen did and how the incubator worked.  One dozen eggs from the hen-house to the incubator. […]

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Rocking It

We are rocking it!  Seriously!  In my purge of extraneous brown furniture, I ‘re-homed’ the brown love seats, moved the comfy couch to the living room (where it is looking great) and the family room has nothing left to sit on. That is not exactly true.  We have a lot of rocking chairs 7 to […]

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