The Ultimate in Gratitude

January 11, 2016

It could have been worse.  It could have been a lot worse and so, we are very grateful.

Recently Spokane had a major wind storm knocking down trees, like no body’s business.  Number One Son and Number One Wife had a 100 foot red fir that needed to come down.  It would be cheaper for them, if the tree rounds did not have to be carted off and as we heat with wood, we were happy to come and cart them off.  Cheaper wood for us, plus we got to see THE Grandson, win-win.  We arrived in time to watch some football and eat some lunch.  It was then time to don our boots and get to work!saw bootsPositioning the truck and trailer in the Kid’s alley for the tree rounds round-up, My Loving Spouse got to fulfill one of his ‘Grandpa’ dreams…driving with THE Grandson on his knee, just as it was done with him.saw drivingThese were some happy drivers!

We started into work, rolling heavy rounds into the trailer.saw jonah

A set of rounds were not cut all the way through and we were unable to roll them.  My Loving Spouse took the chain saw to cut them free.  The chain saw cut through them quickly and kicked back through the air hitting My Loving Spouse in the head.  Time stopped.  I thought I had witnessed My Loving Spouse’s…end.  Those few seconds keep replaying in my mind, and it is horrific.  Within seconds Number One Son (an EMT Firefighter) had my Loving Spouse’s head in his hands.

He said, “Call 911”

Which I began screaming….

Number One Wife ran outside and scooped up THE Grandson who was standing not far from the still running saw.  I managed to dial my phone and hand it to her…as I went to help hold My Loving Spouse’s head.  The moment Number One said,

“It is not too bad…. we can take him ourselves….call the dispatch off.”….is when I think my heart started beating again.

We loaded up and went to one of the finest hospitals in Washington just a few miles away…with My Loving Spouse bleeding through everything we had, as my guys were beginning to joke already.

Whisked past the ER paperwork like nobody’s business…the artery that was cut was clipped and the damage began to be assessed.saw patAs specialists came quickly into his room, it was clear…we were so lucky to be in this space…Providence Hospital.   A CAT scan, an Ophthalmologist surgeon…

“His glasses saved his eye.”

The facial plastic surgeon took him to surgery, installed a small plate over the skull fracture, stitched and sewed and stitched some more….

His words before surgery…

“You’re modeling days are over.”

I sat in the dark waiting room on this Sunday night, stunned, worn out, tears streaming down my cheeks at the near miss we had… grateful for knowledgeable hands to be on him so quickly…and that he was able to survive what could have been a different outcome.

Wrapped in loving arms…

As My Loving Spouse was discharged that night from the hospital, we spent the night at Number One Wife’s Parents home….met with loving hospitality…our needs meet with toothbrushes and clothes and a bed to lay our heads…

Grateful to lay our heads together still…

and we are blessed.



  • madeleine

    So, so grateful for this outcome! Thank God for loving hands surrounding you all from “up above” and “down below”. Sending love and hugs 💜

    • I am trying to re-picture the image from that day…and replace the memory with the loving arms that did protect him… Still feels a bit unreal, appreciate your love and will take each hug!

  • Judy Dahlson

    Oh dear Ellen, what a terrifying experience – praise the Lord that his eye was saved and the bleeding stopped. Sending love, hugs and continued prayer for his healing.

    • We will take every prayer…with gratitude. It was awful…it is awful…and yet, we are so thankful! Appreciate your prayers, dear friend.

  • Diane

    That post made me cry! I am so thankful for all the help he got so quickly. Thank you dear Lord for near misses, EMTs, emergency room personnel and docotors! I am glad you survived it, too! And on a happier note, I love THE grandson driving with his grandpa!

    • Thank you dear Lord for protection and knowledgeable aid! I too, love that picture and so glad it will not be the last one with those two precious guys!

  • Christa Peitzman

    Oh heavens! So grateful for a happy ending for you 2!!!!!xxoo

  • That was a scary post to read! Our hearts go out to you & Pat with prayers for quick and complete healing. Just don’t let him answer to Scarface 😉

    • We appreciate the prayers! Need for there to be no infection as it would go to his eye. Thanks, dear friend!

  • Miriam

    Oh Ellen!! The angels were with you that day…. Number One Son being able to quickly assess the situation… good hospital close by with good surgeons…. and a simple pair of bifocal glasses. No more playing with chainsaws. Those things are so unpredictable. Sending prayers that all injuries stay clean and heal well. Hugs to all up there.

  • Jacky

    I hate chainsaws! So dangerous! I know a half a dozen men seriously injured by blades coming off and the saw kicking back. Thank God your husband is going to be alright.

  • Richard Godley

    A very lucky escape… thank God! I could comment with some Forces Humour, but Pat might break his stitches! Glad he’s OK and no serious harm done…

    • Thank you Richard,
      Please keep him in your prayers, clearing any infection, so he heals quickly and his eye stays unaffected.

  • Lorie Ames

    Oh my gosh…Ellen! We will be praying for your family!

    • Thank you Lorie, Please pray that no infection arises as it would most likely settle in the eye.

      Thanks again,

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