The Purple Quilt

May 11, 2017

Graduation time is coming and the purple quilt is done!  Our church has only a few graduating seniors this year, so I was happy to be able to contribute a quilt for this special girl.

The quilt started out as a ‘log cabin’ pattern, but then… I started making my own adjustments…until I liked it.  I love quilting my way!

This senior has plans for a major in musical theater, so I added a few treble clefs in the quilting.I used flannel strips for the backing.  I didn’t want them to look like a lot of left over pieces, so I put them on the diagonal.  (If one knows better, they might not do this, as flannel stretches, especially on the diagonal!  It did make it a bit harder to quilt, but I am still glad I did it.)  Sometimes it is good to not know ‘the rules’, just jump in and sew away!I think she will like it.  It was made with all the best of intentions, hopes and prayers….…and I am blessed.

  • Miriam

    Beautiful! LOVE the purple colors and the diagonal flannel backing. This young lady will know she is loved while she is alone at college.

    • Thank you, thank you, my artistic friend. Putting flannel on the diagonal is fought with disaster, but worth it!

  • Do college grads get quilts, too??

    • Occasionally, but usually it is just our high schoolers.

  • Diane


  • Carole K.

    Oh Ellen, such a wonderful and loving gift for you to make for this young lady. She will forever remember you and your very kind thoughtfulness. You are amazing. Happy Spring to you and your family.

    • Thank you Carole,
      I am lucky to be a part of a group from church who makes quilts for others!
      Happy Spring!

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