October 9, 2016

I sent My Loving Spouse a text.  I needed to give him a shopping list. Except, I did not type the text, I told the phone what the shopping list was and the phone typed the text.



So I was really careful and enunciated clearly, so the phone would understand…



Oh, bloody hell, I muttered.

politicsLike this pumpkin, life feels ‘tight’.

Who knew 4 1/2 years ago when we started this restoration, that we would not yet be done!  Luckily, not I.

All we have left is to finish the bathroom, expand the master bath, relocate the laundry room, build a mud room, rebuild the part of the house that is still falling off, repair fences, restore the workshop and replace a few more windows.

Believe it or not, but we have been making progress on some of this…it is just that after 4 1/2 years, it is hard to imagine that anyone is interested in hearing that:

  1. Number Two Son got new windowsprogress-window-riley2. The attic bathroom storage room got drywalled…and I had to do it, as I was the ‘small limber’ one.  Anytime I am the small one, you darn well know that there are  not very many people to pick from.progress-bathroom-room3.  I grew some pumpkins…amazing pumpkins!  “Wow!”  Is what most people say when they see them.  Lots of pumpkins, but 2 huge 200 pound whoppers…one for THE Grandson, and one for Mr. T and Z.  What can I say?  I have an orange thumb.

political-pumpkinsI have been in a quiet stage.

School is busy.

My Loving Spouse is busy.

He is gone a lot.  When he is not gone, we are not sure, when he will be gone.  We only know his schedule a few days at a time and this fact has made me…weary.  ‘Weary’, sheesh, that is sort of a ‘sock’ word (you fill in the blank).  My Loving Spouse is my partner, my best friend, my help mate…animal feeder, drywall sander, tractor engine repairer and cook.  Not knowing when he’ll be home or for how long is difficult, as life’s problems go…this situation is a good one and so I am weary, but I know that still…

I am blessed.

4 responses to “Socks”

  1. The Loving Spouse says:

    I have lived in old homes before, some built before Columbus sailed west. The one thing I know is you never finish but if you keep plugging away you gain on it. Glory Farm gets better month by month and will continue to do so until, like many before us, we pass the torch to the next caretakers of this beautiful old home.

  2. Diane says:

    Oh, how I wish I was retired and could come help. Not that I have any of the skills your Loving Spouse has, but I could hand you stuff! Well, I can feed animals and cook, sort of. Miss you!

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