Situation Normal

January 27, 2016

humor1My Loving Spouse continues to mend for which we are both quite grateful.

The farm has returned to ‘normal’.  The three cows managed to get into the barn one night and threw themselves a colossal party.  They ate and pooped and pooped and ate.  I am quite sure, that they had the time of their life.  This gave the girls the opportunity to take a break from their other two main pass times, pooping on the pathway to the barn and ruining the chicken house.  When the cows have an itch, they like to scratch it.  Their favorite spot to scratch is on the chicken house.  The poor chicken house has not wintered well.  The snow brought the ‘patio’ roof down and the cows scratching has taken off at least one nesting box door.  Saturday’s forecast is sunny with a chance of chicken house repair.  (Note to self, finish the darn water line so the cows spend next winter in a different location!)

We have continued to be loved from far and near by friends, family and prayers and please know that we so appreciate each and everyone!  It is taking time, but we are also getting our ‘Thank You’ notes out…with a grateful heart and a bit of humor.humor

We appreciate you each.

  • Miriam

    Sunny with a chance of chicken house repair…… that’s one forecast we don’t get down here :). SO GLAD Your Loving Spouse is mending! Keep up the god work!

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