Signs of Spring

April 3, 2017

Spring is here!!!

Everyone is so glad, after that winter we had, that almost no one is complaining about the wind!

All the signs of spring are here….There are so many signs of spring, that even My Girl is leaving ‘signs’ for her brother.We do have spring bulbs peeking out of the dirt, the grass is growing and the skies are blue again.

The chicks from school are entering their awkward stage.Or you could just call them ugly……and life is good.

Even at church, they are using ‘signs’ or name tags.  It is fairly hard to avoid using a name tag at church, as there are name tag greeters (enforcers) at every door.  I don’t really mind, as it is helpful for a lot of people.  Yesterday, I got my name tag from the ‘enforcer’ and quickly slapped it on my vest.  Here is a little hint for you.  Do not slap your name tag on.  Press it on, diligently and carefully with force, otherwise your name tag might fall off and you will look like the one person at church who doesn’t want to play ‘nicely’ and properly wear your name tag.  Your name tag might also fall off under your pew, sticking to the floor…and you cannot just leave it there, because, of course, it has your name on it.  You might have to get a spatula from the kitchen to get that sucker off the floor.

Spring is good.  Some signs of it, not so much.


2 responses to “Signs of Spring”

  1. Diane says:

    Happy Spring! How wonderful that you have someone to take care of “removals”!

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