Sew Fun

December 31, 2014

I have so…sew…so much to learn about sewing.  Usually in these situations I can choose to patiently learn to do it ‘right’ or jump in bumble through and hope it sort of works out.  Upon making hooded towels for THE Grandson for Christmas…, yes bumbling through wins again….and we’ll just call the results…whimsical.towelspc3The Granddogs are brown and white, so I had plans to make this towel brown and white too…but decided to quite and leave well enough alone with just brown.

There is one word when it comes to making pig ears for hooded towels…hard.  Pig ears are hard… actually the nose wasn’t to easy and neither were the eyes…oh, well…whimsical.

towelspc1I do plan on making more hooded towels, mostly because they were really fun….and because there is a whole barn yard full of animals I haven’t made yet (insert subliminal message here…cow).  Most of the instructions I found on Pinterest called for half of a hand towel and a bath towel, however, I cut the hand towel down even further, to provided material for the ears and to make the towels a bit more cozy…leaving the hood still plenty big enough for the biggest of kids.towelspc2

3 responses to “Sew Fun”

  1. Ellen Walton says:

    I cannot argue with that!

  2. Miriam says:

    Totally adorable!!! Especially the big dog 🙂
    And I like your way of “bumbling thru” something. That’s what I tend to do when I’m trying out a new shape or glaze with my ceramics. Some bumbles are keepers and some go by the wayside, but all were fun to try!
    Happy New Year to the whole clan at Glory Farms!

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