Second Chances

September 17, 2012

Number One Son called yesterday and we chatted about the farm auction we are going to and no, they don’t auction the farm, they auction the stuff from the farm, tractors, trucks, fence posts, tools, so it is a second-hand sale.  The auctioneer has a very cool website with lots of pictures of the treasures.  Since I recognize most of the tools as being just like the ones in my Loving Spouse’s workshop, I doubt that many of these treasures will move from the ‘want’ category into the ‘need’ category.  There are some saddles to check out and if you have the ‘back’ to a 55 Chevy, apparently they have the ‘front’.  Number One Son’s workshop is yet to be built and outfitted, so he might score some precious items.

Then he got around to the real reason for the call.  “Hmm, so Mom, do you miss your cats?”  Apparently, you can take the cat out of the barn, but you can’t take the barn out of the cat.  The two fierce & mighty barn kittens are wreaking havoc on the newlywed’s two bedroom apartment, wrestling each other and spreading kitty litter from one end of the apartment to another probably searching for mice and snakes.  Tigger & Pooh have flunked city life and will be returning to the farm and the outdoor life they know, fine by us all.

Aren’t second chances great!  My way of doing things is to often blunder forward and try.  Often followed by, “whoops”, not quite what I wanted, now what do I need to do.  I’m glad the offspring are willing to blunder forward in life as well.   There have been plenty of new things to ‘try’ here and so far my list of ‘whoops’ is pretty long, however I haven’t run over anybody with the tractor or cut off anything I needed with the ax so I’m good.

  • Diane Brown

    Sort of glad the fierce and mighty are returning to the homestead…and i am NOT a cat person either.

  • I “like” your attitude, ma’am: I heartily agree. My life is made up of “whoops” moments from which (I like to think) I learn and grow. Time will tell.

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