Quiz of Surprises

January 9, 2018

Life is full of surprises. I continue to be surprised by mine.

I hope to hear about your answers to my Quiz of surprises.  (My answers are in orange).

  1.  What is in your refrigerator that surprises you?  Answer – 8 way, a vaccine for cattle

2.  What tool do you use daily that surprises you?  Answer – my pock knife (possibly the fact, that I have a pocket knife) for opening bales of hay.  Answer 2- hay hooks for hauling bales of hay!

3.  If you could have a new vehicle, regardless of cost, what would it be and yes this surprises me, but even if it didn’t, it is my quiz?   Answer – A John Deere, 4 wd with a loader and PTO (extra surprise points for the fact that I know what a PTO means and does)

4.  If you could have another animal, what would it be?  Answer – Probably a…..SURPRISE…Cow!

5.  If you could live anywhere you wanted to where would you be?  Answer – Right where I am.

6.  What would you like to be better at?  Answer – Riding (horses)

7.  What do you need to do next?  Answer – Me, go put wood on the stove. 

You????  After you surprise me by answering this no-fail quiz.

Life is good.


  • Diane

    1. Leftover red wine (why does anyone ever have leftover wine?) I have just begun to develop an appreciation for red wine!
    2. Actually, my smartphone! It is a great tool for quickly showing pictures to my English language learners.
    3. A motorhome! After all, I will be retired in 5 months.
    4. Tropical fish, but someone else would have to be in charge of cleaning the tank.
    5. Fifteen minute drive from my grand babies. Right now that is Vegas.
    6. Hard question-there are so many things I would like to be better at…keeping my house in order!
    7. See #6!

    • I LOVE hearing your answers!

      Thanks for sharing, your answers next year will be so very different!

      Welcome retirement, the next phase.
      much love,

  • Robert “1 of the Sea. cousins”

    1. Hot & Spicy Pickled Beans (I’m a spice wimp).
    2. Flashlight, Gerber Multi-tool & Swiss Army Knife.
    3. Backhoe.
    4. IF, I wanted another animal; dog.
    5. This town, but in a 1 story, ranch style house ( no relation to yours).
    6. See #3.
    7. Straighten-up my work area/shop.
    8.Take more used light fixtures to Ellen.

    • Love your answers, love you!
      Happy new year Cousin!!

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