The One Grammy Made

September 20, 2016

es-quiltWe are having a Granddaughter.  We are quite excited!  es-quilt2-1This little baby girl, like her big brother, THE Grandson, will not have any shortage of special blankets and quilts made for them with great love by their Mamma, their Grandma and their Grammy.  I’ve seen THE Grandson go to sleep with 3 blankets, one made by us each.  His Mamma tells this 2-year-old, who made each blanket, a reminder of our love for him.  I am grateful for thought I was going to tell you, that this is my first ever ‘Log Cabin’ Quilt design and how much fun it was, and that it was easy, and that making a quilt for someone you love is the best part of quilting…even if you haven’t actually met that some one found myself thinking, how grateful I am for who Number One Son married.  When they were still teenagers on our family vacation, the option came up to go and see my newest nephew, in hot Sacramento or go to the beach for the night.  She said, “I want to go and see the baby!”  Which was what we all wanted and so we did!  Number One Wife was part of My and My Loving Spouse’s wedding.  Number One Wife was the one who thought to bring games and snacks for Team Offspring, during my cancer surgery.  Number One Wife was with us the first day we stepped foot on Glory am ever, so ever grateful that with plenty of blanket making creative people in My Grandchildren’s lives, we each have a ‘place’ and are valued… es-quilt6…and I know that My Daughter In Law/Number One Wife will say to her little girl someday…

This is the one that Grammy made…es-quilt7…and I am blessed.

6 responses to “The One Grammy Made”

  1. madeleine says:

    so beautiful! what a lucky and well-loved little one she is!

  2. Diane says:

    Beautiful quilt! I love that this once daunting activity is something you hold so dear. Happy sewing!

  3. Miriam says:

    What an absolutely GORGEOUS quilt. Your little granddaughter will have so many wonderful sleepy dreams with it. I do have to ask though, in one of your photos, it looks like you are sewing with a gardening glove on your left hand. Is this some new method of quilting??

    • Ellen Walton says:

      Thank you! That is actually a mechanic’s glove, but a gardening glove will work too. When you are doing the actual quilting on a small machine, the rubber on the glove helps to keep the fabric moving!

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