My 100 List

November 23, 2015

  Not exactly my bucket list (except #60) and not meaning
  to brag (except #79), but curiosity took me to counting….
  some of what I’ve learned, seen and done…
  in the last 3 years that I had never done before.
  What I have Learned
1 There is a difference between heifer and Hereford
2 All hay is not the same
3 What a Black Baldy is
4 Not to buy shampoo from the Dollar Store
5 What a bale wagon is
6 Not to burn willow in the wood stove
7 What a PTO is
8 It is good if your pig’s tail curls
9 How many days it takes to hatch an egg
10 The beauty of genre shelving in the library
11 What a broody chicken is
12 The significant difference between 2 and 3 string bales of hay (and it is not the number of strings)
13 What you’ll find in 743 of the Dewey Decimal system
14 What ‘on the hoof’ means
15 What ‘hanging weight’ means
16 Recognize a cow in labor
17 What a top link is
What I’ve seen….
18 A calf born by helping to pull it out
19 Vet pregnancy checking cows
20 Seen Puppies born
21 A cow artificially inseminated
22 Seen Calves born
23 Seen Pigs castrated
24 Seen Calves branded
25 Fields fertilized by helicopter
26 Baby bulls castrated
27 Eagles, Hawks, Owls, Quail, Heron
What I’ve done…
28 Held a dead goose
29 Fed cows
30 Given cattle shots
31 Given calves bottles
32 Moved cattle
33 Fed chickens
34 Washed chicken poop off of my eggs
35 Saved a new-born calf!!!
36 Tried to save a dead calf
37 Ridden a quad with a dog
38 Buck hay (that means stack it)
39 Collect eggs
40 Driven through a buffalo field
41 Hooked up electric fence
42 Painted a two story Victorian house
43 Ran a ditch-witch
44 Work in a school library
45 Ran a back hoe
46 Moved irrigation with quad
47 Pound fence posts in
48 Installed a new wood floor
49 Laid tile floor
50 Canned beets, beans and applesauce
51 Helped make sausage
52 Made saur kraught and chutney
53 Picked blue berries
54 Used a head catch
55 Shot a shot-gun
56 Face time with our Grandson
57 Rode horse gaming (barrel racing etc)
58 Load a horse on a trailer
59 Put up storm windows
60 Rode horse home from work
61 Stuck my hand in a horses mouth to feel the teeth
62 Rode horse through a winery
63 Host croquet tournament
64 Hosted a barn dance
65 Hosted a barn sale
66 Hosted a family & sorority reunion
67 Served communion
68 Designed a bathroom
69 Bought my jeans at the hardware store
70 Bid at a farm auction
71 Won a blue ribbon at the County fair
72 Fed pigs
73 Sewed a quilt top
74 Swept the chimney from the roof
75 Winterized my garden hoses
76 Helped at the church bazaar
77 Used a long arm quilter
78 Sewed feed bags into shopping bags
79 Replaced septic drain field
80 Bale hay on a tractor
81 Drive a tractor
82 Level ground with tractor
83 Mow fields with tractor
84 Run a fence post auger with tractor
85 Used a chain binder
86 Use Clevis pins
87 Work the loader on a tractor
88 Drive with a trailer on the road
89 Hooked trailer on truck
90 Loaded a tractor onto a trailer
91 Work an irrigation pump
92 To weld
93 Burned a slash pile
94 Run a wood stove for heat
95 Split wood with a log splitter
96 Split wood with a maul
97 A chain saw
98 Fed cow banana
99 Eaten meals completely raised on our farm
What I know
100 Change is a good thing
…and I am blessed.

4 responses to “My 100 List”

  1. Joed Glaser says:

    You are blessed and AMAZING Ellen! I lived on a farm for 15 years and I didn’t learn 1/2 the stuff you have learned. I was the spoiled 3rd child”baby” in our family. I’m so proud of you my friend! Amazing!

  2. Richard Godley says:

    An amazing list – but you forgot about tasting Marmite! lol!

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