Men and Saws

March 12, 2015

As a small boy, Number One Son had a certain compulsion whenever a saw came into his hands.  The compulsion: ‘let’s use this tool!’  Cutting down your own Christmas tree had much more to do with using the saw than with cutting down a decent tree.  We had to watch him with a saw as he’d also been known to use it on things we didn’t want sawn down, like the banister of our stairs.  This inclination with a saw has come in very, very handy for us here at Glory Farm, as we’ve had plenty of things to saw down.  All this to say, however, that he might have been given a ‘bad rap’…as it turns out, that he is not the only one who needs to be watched with a saw in their hand!

My Loving Spouse and I set out to trim the willow trees in the pasture.  These trees provide shade for the herd and climbing for small visitors, but they are also a huge mess.  The plan was to clean up the dead branches already on the ground, trim a few dead limbs and trim all the suckers sprouting from the base of the trees.

“This won’t take long at all…let me get the chain saw”…and I believed him.  I am sort of afraid of the chain saw.  It is loud, heavy and powerful, so I try not to use it.  It is always good, when working together to have clear communication.   We’re pretty good at this, if I do say so myself.

“Now tell me exactly what you want cut down, so I don’t get into trouble”, were his exact words.

‘I want all the suckers trimmed on all the trees’.  (‘Sucker’ verb to send out suckers or shoots, as a plant.)  

Except this is where I made my mistake, I turned my back on that man with the saw.  (Sucker – noun a person easily deceived).  I turned around to see him cutting down a tree… with a sort of mad gleam in his eye.  Yes, in his defense it was mostly dead, but it was not the plan according to ‘this won’t take long’.  We now have a tree down, no suckers trimmed or branches cleaned up…but My Loving Spouse had another plan…he’d use more ‘power’.  Driving our tractor Blue he drug all the branches, leaves and a fair amount of dirt (although he says it wasn’t dirt it was leaf debris…but it sure looked and acted like dirt) into huge piles.  Great!  Except huge piles cannot be picked up and put on the fire so it was not so great and the small job was getting bigger and bigger with each tool that was used.

I was mad at him every time he used another tool.  He was mad at me for not using any tools, but for just doing the job the old-fashioned way…picking up the branches with my hands and walking them over the field where the slash pile was burning.  In the end the field got cleaned up, we both stopped being mad.  I took a quiet bath…bath…and the dead tree?  Yep, still out in the field!

  • Diane

    My favorite part of this blog is the picture of that wood piece that goes over the tub and holds the glass of wine!

    • That piece was made for me by Number One Son! I love it! The other side has a spot for a coffee cup…see, he really knows his Mom!

  • Jacky

    It is the same gleam that they get with a ‘weed wacker’ or sprayer tank full of Round-up. Lord help the perennial beds!

    • How come they don’t get that gleam with say…the 409 and the bathroom?

  • Miriam

    My condolences on the tree trimming. There’s something in the male genome that kicks in when they have a power saw in their hands. They get a crazed look on their face. Their eyes glaze over. And before you know it, a beautiful tree that only needed a “little cleaning up”, looks like it’s been scalped. Not that I speak from experience……

    • Oh, I cannot imagine Gary doing anything like that! It must have been a neighbor’s spouse that you got to see in action!

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