In the Pink

January 23, 2015

Two gals that are very dear to me are/were soon to be Grandmas.  Not just Grandmas, but Grandmas of baby girls.  Grandmas need quilts too.  A quilt that can be at Grandma’s house to throw on the floor…gramquiltpc2

or left on the crib…just waiting for the little one.gramquiltpc4Not exactly the same…but both with a simple pattern that came together quickly.  I sewed in the manner of my friend The Preacher’s Wife who knows how to make steps simpler.  Simpler is good.  Simpler means that the fewer times I am cutting and sewing the higher the likelihood of straight lines and square squares.  I cut strips at a width of 5 1/2 inches, sewed two together and then cut them into 5 1/2 inches.gramquiltpc6

I still needed a few 5 1/2 in squares, but just a few as I sewed each strip together moving one block over with each strip.gramquiltpc7

gramquiltpc8They were simply quilted on machine.  Simple because that is all I know how to do on my machine.  My sewing machine is a lot like my ‘smart phone’…smarter than I am with all their mystery and abilities locked inside them…it can do a LOT, but not until I learn how.  I quilted the Pink Quilt with a touch of gray across the squares and had it ready in time for My Dear Friend’s visit from California.gramquiltpc3

I quilted the Pink Quilt with the blue backing and border for My Sweet Sister Susan off set from the seams so it came out looking like squares.  This Pink Quilt is for her birthday.  It will arrive a bit late, but that is okay I am sure, because she got the best gift ever for her birthday.  My nephew and his wife had their baby girl on her birthday…pretty hard to beat that!  We are celebrating and in the pink…because our family doesn’t manage to produce a lot of girls…in fact the last one was 21 years ago…gramquiltpc1

To you all… Happy BIRTH day!



  • miriam

    Beautiful quilts, Ellen! Lucky babies to be wrapped in them.

    • Thank you Mims, I am learning with each one I do…and because I am doing for people I love there is a lot of love sewn into them!

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