Good Bye Old Dog Run

October 25, 2012

Function over form has been the story of the dog run which came with the property.  It has kept our So. California dogs ‘safe’, but other than that it is big and to my eye, it is ugly.  Really ugly and did I mention that it is also big?   Big and ugly and I cannot wait for it to come down, which will happen this weekend (Woo Hoo!)

We built a picket fence we love attached to the house, getting our mutts closer to the warmth and the family action. The fence needs painting and the dog door needs to be built.

Building the fence was very rewarding and I was pretty proud of ourselves, even though we measured carefully, more than one fence post had to be moved and re-dug, insert British ‘bad’ word here.  I had visions of a wonderful photo montage of the fence coming together, but it turns out I was a better Carpenter #2 than Photo-taker #1, however if you look for it, you can catch images of the big and ugly dog run in the back ground.

Yesterday we carefully discussed what project I wanted to work on.  Shall we work to clean up barn #2 (the hay barn), build the dog door and finish that project or work at improving the laundry room.  As Queen of the Laundry, I wanted to work in the laundry room.  The laundry room is freezing cold, cramped, poorly organized and ugly, other than that it is perfect.  We agreed, we’d work at the laundry room project.  There was a spring in my step, a nice laundry room for the Queen was about to become a reality.  It was laundry room working day!

And then it started snowing…. I walked around the house looking out the windows with my mouth hanging open.  This snowing thing wasn’t suppose to happen for a while (or at least until November and preferably Thanksgiving).  My Loving Spouse might have also been affected with the whole snowing in October thing as he dutifully went to work….. on the dog door.


  • Miriam

    Great looking dog run! Are the dogs enjoying it?

  • Heather Flatley

    Wow! Snow! The fence looks great!

  • Paige

    The new fencing for the dog run looks beautiful. You two are so hardworking. Can’t believe you have SNOW … It’s going to be 80 here today with highs of 90 this weekend. Looks like I’ll be using the A/C again …. ugh.

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