Fat Tuesday First

February 10, 2016

It was a last minute invitation, but we jumped at it.  Would we like to join our Lutheran friends for a Fat Tuesday Jambalaya diner potluck and hymn sing?

We said yes for 4 very good reasons.

  1. We like these folks.
  2. Football is over…
  3. We like Jambalaya
  4. We, or especially I, love to sing hymns.

There was a cornucopia of Jambalaya and we were encouraged to take some of each, which of course we did.  A King Cake had been ordered from New Orleans for dessert.  It didn’t look like anything I’d ever had before, but it was delicious and I will refrain from mentioning which one of us went back for a second slice.

With clean plates and full bellies we moved into the sanctuary for a hymn sing.  Led by a rich singer with a great sense of humor we sang the old hymns.  Allowed to pick our favorites, (as long as we raised our hands) I was quickly reminded of my mother’s Lutheran roots.  Although some of the hymn titles were different the songs and words were the same.  One of the biggest things I do miss about our former life is singing in the church choir.  It was a simple and lovely evening.

We are blessed.

(Random cow picture, because I love my girls.

Eliza Doolittle, Agnes, Clara Belle)

black angus

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