Easter on the Other Side of the Hill

April 1, 2013

We went over the hill for an Easter weekend with the cousins.  The Seattle weather was unusually co-operative with sunny, blue skies and warm weather!  Woo and Hoo!!  We spent a very relaxing afternoon out on Lake Washington in the power boat, boating, visiting, looking at houses and zipping around with no other purpose than to have fun.  It was a great break, especially for My Loving Spouse who loves, loves, loves the water.

We met up with the whole herd (nice farm reference) of cousins for dinner in town near the police station, which was rather humorous  as we had some… ‘trades’ to be made.  Cousin R was loaning Number One Son a family shot-gun and My Loving Spouse was practically giddy to get his hands on  it.  We pulled our cars near one another,

“Did you bring the gun?”

“Yes, did you bring the eggs?”

“Yes, all fresh.”

“Okay, good, let’s make the trade.”

Easter dinner, Easter Egg hunts and cousins…  Especially, nice for The Teen who has brothers and 19 boy cousins, that with second cousins come some girls.  A girl cousin, nail polish, whispering, music listening, homework done together… it was wonderful.


Easily the most precious to me was a full family pew for the Easter service.  Raised by a non-practicing Lutheran and a non-practicing Jew, my parents could usually be found most Sundays at Our Lady of the Fairways, with golf clubs in hand, possibly praying, but mostly over a difficult shot.  As a small child, they went to church on Easter, but when I asked why, my mother explained that it was so the Easter bunny could come, which is fairly poor theology…just saying.  How I came to love the Lord, is a different story, but suffice it to say, I do.  I cherish anytime I get to fill a pew with family.  Topping off the service by joining the choir for the Hallelujah chorus and cajoling my cousin to join me… practically perfect!

3 responses to “Easter on the Other Side of the Hill”

  1. Diane W. Schroeder says:

    Wonderful that you could get over the pass for Easter.
    What a beautiful day to relax and enjoy family and sunshine. Good news here Kelli, John & BJ’s daughter, my eldest granddaughter got engaged. I spent the day on a liquid diet again! So sorry to miss church.

  2. David says:

    Marcia said, “She sounds happy!” and I replied, “She is.”

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