What A Difference a Door Makes

May 22, 2016

The Half (Done) Attic Bathroom got a huge boost this week!  Dear John, Dear John’s Wife and Turk the City Dog spent a week here ‘camping’ in their Scamp trailer.  This is our family.  Dear John, I call my brother.  My parents gave me a brother John and when Number One Son married Number One Wife, they gave me another John.  They are both great wood workers, one big difference is that Dear John likes to visit us and….bathroom door john 2

…he likes to do ‘little projects’ when he comes, so we do our best to keep him happy.  Under Dear John’s hands, the attic bathroom has made significant progress.   bathroom john doorsHaving doors instead of gaping holes, makes the bathroom look like a real room!  We’re elated with the linen closet and the new door matches exactly that of two others in the house.bathroom door linenComplete with cedar shelves…bathroom linen cedarThe secret bookcase is a work of art!bathroom secret doorPerfect for storing suitcases or Christmas boxes…certainly to be the best future hiding place for Glory Farm Hide and Seek games!  My Loving Spouse gets the credit for this great idea.  Dear John’s cabinetry skills made the idea come to fruition and we are delighted.

Friends that become family…accepting us as we are…

who share in the process of restoring this wonderful old home and add to our story…

Well, we are certainly blessed.


4 responses to “What A Difference a Door Makes”

  1. Miriam says:

    Wow! It’s really looking like a usable bathroom! LOVE the asymmetrical door and the secret book case. I immediately thought of that funny scene in Young Frankenstien with the revolving bookcase, “Put. The candle. Back!!!” Have you considered adding 2 candle sconces to your bookcase as a whimsical homage to Mel Brooks???

  2. John says:

    That’s high praise to be called your brother. I love what you and your Loving Spouse are doing with the farm, especially as you impact your community. Keep up the good work, Sis.

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