Daisy to Zoe

July 27, 2013

Daisy was our city dog.  A terrier who chased (and killed squirrels), was so protective of her home and her people (including the Damn Cat), that many people including family were not comfortable around her.  When I was alone in previous years, she did keep me feeling safe.  When the Damn Cat got stuck in the tree she climbed the tree (TRUE story) and showed her how to come down.

Daisy was not a good farm dog.  She liked to run off, even with 4 acres she chose to run down the street and away.  She did not hear, but probably she won’t have come anyway, because she was a bit headstrong.  When she did get out, she also liked to roll in horse poop.  She had a muscle virus that left one side of her head caved in…she was not a pretty dog…but still she was ours.  We were afraid of her transition to farm life….she was getting old…


So, last week when she died peacefully in her sleep, we were sad, but actually a bit relieved.  She did not get hit by a car, she did not have to be put down.  We were sad…

One child was sadder than the other.  One child left the ‘grave’ and said, “Okay, so now we can get a puppy!”

We, the parental units laid down the rules…

There would be NO ONE bringing home any puppies.  This was our word and we were going to stick to it…. and we did, well, at least until after dinner.

We are sort of a two dog family and our sweet old lab was lonesome, you could say we are just not patient people, but we were…we’d been patient, taking care of Daisy for the years she took care of us.

And so welcome to Glory Farm little Zoe…


We’re not really the kind of people who spoil their pups..she’s just trying to keep my pillow warm for me…


I thought we were getting a sweet family dog…. My Loving Spouse…(with his eyes lit up)..Hunting Buddy!


And for our dear old dog… a perky little friend…


  • Good grief, Daisy sounds like she was my kind of dog. But Zoe will be the luckiest dog alive getting to live with you guys. Ridiculously cute!

  • Bill

    I’m gradually wearing Jane down into getting a Border Collie puppy – one day I’m sure she will give in to my continual whining……….
    Zoe looks great and will have a fabulous life on the farm – we had 7 at one stage and dogs aren’t meant for cities. Mind you I can still remember (very bad English word) The Old Dear encountering one of the dogs who was keeping her pillow warm!

  • Miriam

    Yea Zoe! She will have a wonderful life on your farm, with all those strange smells.

  • Sheena

    Love it Ellen.
    Well done you, it takes guts to take on another puppy, but it will give you years of treasured memories ahead to reflect on.
    I love dogs and cats.

  • We look forward to meeting Zoe!

  • paige

    What a sweet story!

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