August 14, 2017

When I think of last week, I can only think…chaos.  The best kind of chaos and I smile.  There is that warm feeling in my heart, contentment and joy.  The house was full of family and dogs (14 to be exact, 4 adults and 10 puppies).  The puppies were socialized.

The weather was hot.  Hot for here, hot for anywhere and no Ellensburg breeze/wind, 100 degrees, an old home with no A/C.  However, here it does cool off at night and the mornings are lovely and it is only the afternoons that are nasty.  We appreciated the mornings and by 4:oo pm, we instituted the ‘Mike hour’ and daily worked our way through a different Hard Mike’s Lemonade flavor.  The people were socialized.

There were birthdays to celebrate.  

Cousins came from over the hill with their Grandson, brothers came, friends came….kids and dogs and chaos…the best kind.  The family from different branches, with different names were socialized.More cousins came, San Diego cousins, because after all they were only in Portland and we had puppies.

We found them beds and said, ‘Just stay’.

The pond was played in.  THE Grandson helped me put the candles on his Mama & Daddy’s cake.

Water balloons were launched, because when I saw the launcher, complete with 100 self sealing balloons, I knew that my son, needed it for his 29th birthday.

The San Diego boy cousin rode the mini bike…and rode it into the barn, cut his leg open and it was time for stitches, ‘real life’ was in session!  They changed their flight, and as their Mom got them organized, I took these younger cousins into town…for ice cream and bought them books, because I like doing both of those things with kids.  I told them stories of My Special Uncle, their Great Grandfather, who taught me to do those things with kids, by doing those things for me.  I told them stories about their Grandfather, my cousin, the funniest man I have ever known, who died too young, and they’ve never know…

I guess, that is my job now, my gift…to be the family story-teller and help paint the family picture…and probably, to buy water balloons.

…and I am blessed.

  • Miriam

    Sounds like a perfectly wonderful time up there! Happy Birthday to Number One Son!

    • It was perfect! I will tell him!
      PS: Your son would love that water balloon launcher!

  • Jane Gese

    Now that the chaos has ended, will eggs be back? We miss eggs!

    • Yes, when my 3 year old grandson collects the eggs, he wants to eat them! Should have some out in the morning.

  • Wow – just WOW. Looks like a wonderful time. I especially like the picture of the grandson and his dogs 🙂

    • I agree, that picture is priceless!

      I left out the part of Jonah accidentally spitting on the cake while he was helping his Mama blow out the candles!

      See you soon,

  • Stacy W. McDaniel

    Love it, and the picture of the baby looking at the puppy was priceless! Is Agnes preggers again this summer? Just fondly remembering the arrival of Fred and George! Love, S & J

    • Thank you so much! I love the little Eleanor and Gunner puppy pictures. No, darn it, Agnes took a year off, that silly cow! She is down the road at the Prom as we speak! Since she has had 6 calves in 3 years, I guess I should give the girl a break!

      That was a great day with you here!

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