Celebrating Number Two Son

June 11, 2017

My Grandmothering heart is full and my Mothering heart is hopeful.

With 5 full days to soak up THE Grandchildren, I was a very happy camper.  Some say, that THE Grandson has me wrapped around his little finger, but if a darling boy asks me to play croquet, or trains, or read books or play with bubbles, why would I say “no”?

It was a time to get to know our smiling, beautiful and sweet granddaughter, Little E, and as always, real life was in session.  Two sinks leaked, the 4 dogs did not get a long, THE Grandson fell and went to Urgent care, a gate got left open and the cow got out.

However, we were there…for Number Two.  This was his time.  His graduation from college.  It took him more time and more years with a transfer from one school to the other, but he did it with honors and the respect of his classmates and his professors.  So, his family gathered to watch him walk. 

I was moved by the Bagpipes as they led the faculty and graduates for their walk through campus.  I was grateful for Professors who cared for my son, for well thought out seating, jumbo trons and plenty of port-a-potties.  …for silly, fun Number Two faces on sticks.

I am grateful for him…this special son of mine.

Celebrations can sometimes be hard. We wanted this to be as special a day as Number Two deserved, but it was out of our hands.  My Loving Spouse and I tried to include Number Two’s Dad and Step-Mom, we handed them a face on a stick.  I sent in THE Grandson to ask his Papa Jay, if he would come to the farm to have lunch with him.  After all, THE Grandson is hard to resist and he is 2 and destined to say ‘why’, if told ‘no’.  It has been many, many years…and finally…something thawed….something changed.

They came…we all sat at the same table…we all celebrated our son…and we were all blessed.I love you Number Two Son of mine.

Witty, funny, thoughtful and dear.

Voracious reader….Harry Potter lover.

You bless us all.


9 responses to “Celebrating Number Two Son”

  1. Diane says:

    You moved me to tears yet again. So thankful that Riley was celebrated with both sides of the family able to be together. Love seeing pictures of THE grands! Would love to see more. Also, let me know if you might have some time to get together in July. We are going to change our plans and be in town on that Saturday. Miss you!

  2. Madeleine Harvey says:

    So special… so wonderful! Thrilled for Riley and your whole family on this wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations and lots of love! xoxo

    • Ellen Walton says:

      Thank you, Maddie. It is such a moving and rewarding time! Hugs to you and your whole dear clan. I hope to see you when I come down for Bob’s service in July!

  3. Miriam says:

    What a special time for you all! Love the “Mischief Managed”! That is kind of your family’s motto, isn’t it? I wish Number Two Son wonderful adventures in adulthood, plenty of time to think and dream, and a sense of humor as he encounters those on the same path.
    And Little E is very adorable! That cute round cheek just begs to be kissed! Might Little E have the same name as my E? Just guessing…..

    • Ellen Walton says:

      Thank you, thank you! Little E’s cheeks are sweet as cherries and Grammy kissed them so very much! Her name is Eleanor. I will send you some pictures through messenger!

      Take care sweet friend!

  4. Dawn Stimson Ellis says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations and well done Number Two Son!

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