Bob’s Home

January 15, 2015

Bob is home.  I am glad, but Agnes is very glad.  Like a typical ‘kid’ (even though he is not a person nor a goat), he came home kind of dirty and with a small attitude.  Bob is about a teenager in cattle years, so developmentally, he is right on track.  bobpc1-2015Bob has been spending the last few weeks at Our Friend the Farmer’s house…hanging out with the other teenage cattle thereby enforcing him to be weaned.  Bob rolled in the mud before coming home, hence the muddy matted coat.  He only came back after Elsie and the pigs were dispatched, so as to not upset him.  (Actually, Elsie was doing so poorly that she was just put down, and no, city friends, no one will eat her.)

I am glad to have him back.  Agnes is glad to have him back.  Bob, is glad to be back…even though he says there is no one to play with…sheesh…kids.

  • Jacob

    How do you play with a cow? I am in on the idea!

    • I’d have to say that I am not sure…but I’m in on watching you try…

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