Beautiful Red Round Feeder

November 9, 2014

Cows are pigs.  Well okay, not real pigs..pigs are pigs.rfeederpc3Cows are pigs when it comes to the way they treat their food.  We show up with their hay and the mighty cattle herd of 3 show up with gratitude and appreciation…ah, no.  Agnes will meet you at the barn door (that we cannot open all the way or she’ll lumber right in and help herself to the hay).  Bob the bashful one will wait nearby to make sure you are bringing more feed and 3 legged Elsie is sort of clueless, but does her best to keep up.  BUT…they are all still pigs…because they pull the hay out of the feeder, some of it blows away, they walk on it, pee and poop on it and then won’t eat it, sheesh.  Cows are pigs.

We’ve wanted a round cattle feeder for some time now, but they are not cheap and after all we only have a herd of 3 (so far).  A round feeder makes it harder for the hay to blow away, harder for the cattle to pull it out and pee on it and saves hay which saves money, because let me tell you, hay does not grow on trees, if you think so then you really, really need to come and visit and see all the hay fields here in the valley.

I picked up our round, shiny, red feeder and thought, oh…if my friends back in California could see me now…they’d have no idea what in the world I was so excited about.  We put it together, put an old barrel in the middle of it to help keep the hay where the mighty herd could reach it, put some hay in it and only Agnes was brave enough to come and see what all the excitement was about.  Bashful Bob finally ventures in toward Mama…rfeederpc2…and so we thought we were done…rfeederpc1Our beautiful, red round feeder feeding the herd…minus Elsie who couldn’t figure out that she needed to walk around to get to the hay…truth is she didn’t know that is where the hay was and later we had to move the beautiful, red round feeder closer to the not so bright 3 legged cow who wouldn’t stop bellowing for food as she stood 3 feet from the feeder.  Elsie is missing a bit more than the use of her 4th leg.

5 responses to “Beautiful Red Round Feeder”

  1. John says:

    Time for stew meat?

  2. Diane Brown says:

    You continue to make me laugh out loud. (My hubby wanted to know what was so funny.)

  3. Miriam says:

    Sounds to me like Elsie is not missing anything. She got you to move the feeder closer so she doesn’t have to walk as far…. smart cow!

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