Agnes Settles In

January 6, 2014

Agnes has settled in quite well.  She figured two things out very quickly.  She knows who brings the food and where the food is kept.  She stands at the gate in the morning as if to say, “Excuse me humans, where is my hay?”  She usually stays 12 inches away from us and does not really want to be touched, but keeps a steady eye on us until we get her the grub.  Then she happily ignores all else as she and Elsie enjoy their hay, chomping away together, which I love to see.

Elsie is not as curious as Agnes, so all sorts of doors can be left open and she could care less.  Agnes, quickly figured out that an open barn door was an invitation for a private feast.


Elsie is a bit like the ‘good’ kid in the group, who wants to taste the ill-gotten gains, but is more fearful.  She hung back at the barn door, as if to say…how is it?  Is it safe?  Can I come in too?  Will we get in trouble?  Licking her lips in anticipation.

agnespicm2So of course now, we can only leave the door open a bit as we feed the cats and gather the hay.  Agnes keeps her eye on me the whole time.  If you think it is easy to carry hay, pull out your phone to snap a picture of your cow…well, you are wrong, hence the poor picture quality….but then this is a real life blog.agnespicm3

Once the cows have their pile of hay, you can leave the gate open, the barn door open, just about anything open, as they could care less….all they do is slowly munch their hay.

The two girls are a herd and hang out together almost all the time.  After they eat, they like a nice little scratch, so they go rub on the chicken coop, and end up opening all the nesting boxes at the same time.  (New latches have been purchased).  The other day my Sweet Neighbor Sue was coming over and it looked from afar to our Neighbor as if Agnes was stuck.

“I think your new cow is stuck on the chicken coop!”

“Oh, no… she’s just scratching her cow butt”…. (sorry no cow butt scratching pictures…


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