Agnes on Sabbatical

September 24, 2017

I took a walk down the road the other day.  I had some produce to deliver to Agnes.  Agnes has been on sabbatical this summer.

Black Angus Cows have really one job, which is to produce more Black Angus Offspring.  Agnes took this summer off.  All you cattlemen, should now take a collective gasp.  However, it is important to remember that in 3 years, Agnes calved 5 living calves, so she is sort of ahead of schedule.

Last fall, when Agnes went to the ‘prom’, there were 4 bulls in the field.  We think, quite possibly, that all the bulls started arguing, fighting and showing off (as intact male animals are sometimes capable of doing) thereby preventing each other from getting to ‘dance’ with Agnes, when she was really ‘ready to  dance’.  Anyway…no calf this summer.

Agnes was not happy.  She was bellowing for bulls and seemed lonely.  She is a herd animal and she refuses to recognize the horses as her ‘herd’.  Our Friend the Farmer said she could spend the rest of the summer down the road with some of his young cows and…..a bull.  I gave Agnes a fresh set of shots, we loaded her up in the trailer and dropped her off in the field down the road.  Agnes came out of the trailer and ran across the field to meet up with the herd.  I felt sort of sad for her, that she had been alone.

I have checked on her and brought her a few bananas, which makes the other cows wonder what in the world is going on.  I think they sort of roll their cow eyes at us.

We are hoping she got the opportunity to ‘dance’ a bit with the bull.  She should be home soon and with any luck, she’ll be ‘in the family way’!

4 responses to “Agnes on Sabbatical”

  1. Miriam says:

    I never knew that cows like bananas! Is that all cows across the board? Or just particular to Agnes’s tastes? How soon will you know if the dancing was successful?

    • Ellen Walton says:

      Every cow we’ve given bananas to like them. I do believe, that most ranchers do not actually feed their cattle bananas. Agnes will eat them peel and all right out of my hand. (I do take off the sticker and the hard stem.)

      We may know next month if she had some time on the dance floor!

  2. Diane says:

    Dear Agnes, I hope that you had a wonderful time at the Prom and you met that certain special someone! May you have many more proms in your future! Much love, Diane

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