After The Rodeo

September 4, 2016

rodeo bunting

rodeo bunting2Rodeo weekend is a celebration.  We still carry the aftermath of what a Los Angeles Crowd looks, feels and sometimes smells like, so a ‘crowded’ Rodeo night just makes us giggle.  The numbers are mild, but the attitude is festive!  Everyone is there to enjoy the western sport. This year, we added to our education by joining in the after party, behind the chutes.  ‘Chutes’ being where the bulls and broncs are nightNo alcohol is sold in the arena.  If you want a beer after the event, you join in the party.  Straw bales are not set out for ‘effect’, but set out to sit or stand on, because it just makes balesThe band was playing.  The people were dancing.  The beer was flowing.  It felt a bit like being in the moving Sweet Home Alabama, (except this being Washington, they never played that song, which is too bad for me, since it is a song that I actually know and I had worn my going to ‘town boots’ and they are almost always ready to dance.)rodeo bandI loved it.  rodeo mustacheThis wasn’t ‘a’ Western party, this was ‘the’ Western party.

I am so grateful that I get to live here!

2 responses to “After The Rodeo”

  1. Diane says:

    What a wonderful yearly event! Someday I am going to put on my hat and boots and join y’all! Yee Haw!

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