A Walk to Work

April 20, 2015

The discussion was rather brief from Number Two Son to My Loving Spouse about his car.

‘Well, there was a loud bang.  I pulled over and there was smoke.’

‘What color was the smoke?’

‘Black and then white’

‘Oh, that’s not good…’

Which is how we’ve found ourselves down one car around here.

The day was absolutely gorgeous, the weather brilliant (not too hot, not too cold and most of all, not too windy) and I had enough time (minus the 10 minutes I was actually late) to walk to work.  After all, it is only about 3 miles, very flat and I’ve been wanting to ‘give it a go’ for awhile now…so off I set.

I chose the trail behind our house for the trek, which started with a quick ‘hop’ over the fence…I secretly liked the fact that even at 56 it is simpler to climb over the fence than it is to open and close the gate.


The trail used to be a rail road track and aptly named the ‘Iron Horse Trail’.  It is always nice to know there will be ‘no hunting’ on one’s commute to work.trail signsThe trail is higher than the road and offers a completely different view because of it… a look back to our farm.Farm from trail - CopyOnce I started to walk the trail to work, I was sort of committed.  I couldn’t call Number Two to come give me a lift.  The rocky path was not a great match for my school shoes, but still I did enjoy the birds calling to one another and the rabbits crossing my path.john wayne trailThe farms that look so different from ‘the back’…trail2The marks in the fields…

field - Copy

field2 - CopyThe beautiful blue skies…trail3I crossed creeks with the babbling sound of water running and noticed so many little trails beaten in and out of the bushes from what must be animals in the night.

Finally arriving at my school’s back gate…and a pretty good start to the day…school

4 responses to “A Walk to Work”

  1. John says:

    10 minutes late because you were busy taking all those beautiful pictures?

    • Ellen Walton says:

      Oh, that and the fact that the back gate was actually locked and I had to go all the way around the school…I did think about climbing the fence, but I am guessing there is a rule about NOT climbing the fence and there are a few classrooms that look out toward the fence!

  2. Paige Farmer says:

    LOVE IT!!! Put on good walking shoes and listen to a book on tape or podcast!

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