A typical day on Glory Farm

June 6, 2012

Being awake and the washing machine running seem to go hand in hand.  One thing leads to another and the end result usually turns into a big pile of laundry.

The mighty and fierce (soon to be mice hunting) barn kittens, Tigger and Pooh are currently escape artists.  Our beautiful big red barn is about 60+ years old and has plenty of cracks, crevices and holes for little kittens to get out of and since we have a lot of hawks and owls around here, we’ve got to be careful the kittens don’t become the birds next snack (sorry city friends).  No (cat lovers), they cannot live in the house, because then they’d be ‘house cats’, not ‘barn cats’ and the one house cat we have is often one too much.

It would seem that our life is one long ADHD moment, but really we do have a plan.  Really!  The old milk parlor (which I love) was to be turned into the next chicken house, thankfully Pat can adapt my ideas into stuff that actually work.  The milk parlor seemed kitten-escape proof, so we cleaned it up and were all ready to start first thing yesterday morning to add the chicken yard/hawk proof kitten yard.  Except…. it was very cold, and the wind was blowing as Pat says, “Like a wholly….(bad ‘Queen’s English’ word”).

We have a lot of tasks that get labeled, “let’s do them when Corey is here”.  Corey, eldest son, is strong and old enough to use dangerous tools, yet young enough to still like to ‘knock stuff down’.  With the chicken/kitten run put off, Pat had another idea!  Let’s move the empty old diesel 300 gallon tank on the farm that he was selling on Craig’s list.  Out came Jubal (our tractor) to drag the container and stand across the farm.  All was going well, until Pat’s hat blew off, Jubal went backward and the tank fell off, where we learned that it wasn’t actually empty.  Diesel was spilling!  Luckily, the three of us were able to push and shove and get it ‘righted’ so the spill ceased.  We weren’t actually covered in diesel, but no one came out clean on this adventure and we all smelled!

So now Pat is pumping the expensive diesel into barrels and figuring out how to ‘clean’ it.  I’m just trying to clean the clothes and NO, one time through the wash does not do it.

So that is today’s plan… except, someone just called with 5 day old chicks…..

  • doris miner

    I love your notes.

    • Ellen

      Love the feed back, so glad you are enjoying our adventure!

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