Wedding day delight

July 16, 2012

With a dab of sunscreen to Pat’s head and adorning my head with my very ‘proper’ hat, we declared ourselves ready for one of life’s great pleasures, a child’s wedding.  Wearing a large brimmed hat I quickly learned can make it hard to hug people, perhaps this is why they are so popular at British weddings.  I, however, am a huger, so the hat took some getting use to.  After knocking it into a few people’s heads, I did manage to perfect my very own ‘hat hugging’ technique.

I flashed my handsome son our “I love you” sign as I walked down the aisle.  I cried when the vows were recited and cried again when I danced with my son.  I grinned from ear to ear for almost everything else, especially when dancing with my Pat and his new hip.  There was a small group of us laughing and dancing together, but mostly the party was outside.  The bride and groom had set up lawn games and as soon as the cake was served invited everyone out to play.  This was their wedding done their way and it was perfectly, practical and fun.

When I lost my folks, I remember feeling like the axis had shifted in my life.  At my son’s wedding, my axis shifted again, in a wonderful, delightful way.  To paraphrase the best man, number one son married “the peanut butter to his jelly”.  The bride has felt like family for so long, that the wedding just makes it easier to clarify who she is, my darling daughter.  The biggest difference is a feeling of having gained an extended family of uncles, aunts, brothers, etc.  I was unprepared for this blessing and this acceptance of us, and for their excitement to be a part of our life and join us in our adventure here at Glory Farm.



Thursday morning we wake to find that the dog ate the wedding cake.  Yes, really.  Two cakes had been made to layer together for a tall, special and delicious cake.  I was woken very early to be asked, “Where was the second cake”.  ‘What second cake?”  All that was left were some slobber marks left by one black lab.  We didn’t agree on what to do, but did agree to ‘not tell the kids until after the wedding’!  The cat is out of the bag only because Pat made another cake, cooled it, frosted it, packed it and continues to hope that the dog has a belly ache.

Two cars packed and ready to go, the best man notices that the baby bird has actually made it through the night and is demanding fresh flies to eat.  No one can bring themselves to leave it or ‘dispatch’ it, so it too gets packed for Spokane in a soft sided lunch box with a stop at the pet store for some meal worms.  This slows the second car down a bit as they are now stopping every 30 minutes to feed the bird or ‘Moses Squeaker Pants’ as he is now named.  (Moses is a well-traveled bird by now going to the bachelor party and the rehearsal dinner in his lunch box).

Friday morning began with the groom being shuttled off for the white shirt he forgot to buy, hair cuts for the girls, normal wedding rehearsal stress added to by the fact that in my effort to be helpful to the wedding party, I made copies of the directions to the restaurant with the wrong address, sending people on an unplanned sight-seeing tour of the more ‘colorful’ parts of Spokane.  The wedding day will start in the same fashion as the best man, realized he’s left his white shirt in Ellensburg, my boys are nothing, if not alike!

The truth is that this is our life with many mishaps the more people and animals we add to the fold, yet how delightful it has been to continually run into friends and family at the hotel who are here for this one special day.  What fun to watch the groom (the same guy that really likes to ‘knock stuff down’ on the farm) put together the flowers for his bride’s bouquet.  There is stress and mess, forgotten shirts and shoes…… and laughter and tears and joy.  I am grateful.  When my son was a small baby, I worried like new mothers do.  I knew I could worry really well and imagine all the dangers that awaited his life, it would have made me crazy.  In those moments holding my small sweet babe I chose to imagine this day and dancing at his wedding with a smile on both our faces.  Today, I am so grateful.


The Royal wedding

July 10, 2012

As you must know by now, the first-born son is getting married on Saturday!!!  My daughter-in-law to be is a Princess, so this is our official Royal wedding.  My son is a hard-working fire fighter and a Prince of a son, except when he squirts his mother with the garden hose like he did two days ago.  We are however, so very blessed by these two!!

The wedding is at Whitworth University Spokane, Washington, the Presbyterian school where the two met.  None of the family members live in Spokane, so air plane tickets have been purchased, routes planned, the bags are being packed and soon the hotels will be filling up.  The father of the bride’s brothers David and John as well as my brothers David and John are on their way, to say nothing of the host of others who will bless our time together!

The Uncle Johns have never met or even met the other family, yet both have similar characteristics.  My brother John built a wooden sail boat in our back yard in high school, built a beautiful teak mirror for me and is making his way to the wedding on a Ducati motorcycle 1473 miles (one way) from San Diego, CA for the wedding.  Having thought it thorough, he’s mailed his suit and shoes for the wedding ahead of him.  I just hope he’s still able to walk!

The bride’s Uncle John does wood working as well, and set out a week or so ago on a 3500 mile camping trip, pulling his scamp trailer with canoe on top, I believe he builds kayaks as well, but as I haven’t actually met him yet, so I could be quite wrong.  The Uncle Johns clearly differ on the use of technology with one not even owning a cell phone and the other with a wonderful blog of his adventures called  The Uncle Johns take the cake on their travel plans for this one.

With a wedding cake to bake (Pat), rehearsal dinner items to finish off (me) and two more kids to gather from the air port, you’d think we’d be doing just wedding tasks, but no.  There’s a little filly that has caught Pat’s eye, and yes I do mean a horse!  Dolly is lonely and as she is a herd animal it is not fair to leave her alone, so it is a good thing we have a large pasture and perhaps more patience than sense.


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