Winter Whimsy

February 15, 2017

I am seeing the funny side of winter this morning, which is so much easier to do, when one has a 3 hour delay for school/work, due to black ice on the road.  In other words, this means I am drinking coffee in bed, when I would normally be at school.  This day after Valentine’s day, the kids are coming down off of their sugar high, in the privacy of their own home.  (Win one for the school staff).

Valentine’s day at an elementary school is a fairly rewarding place.  When you work in the library, no one really has to bring you Valentines, so when they do, it is very sweet and touching.  The kids do have such fun giving to others.  Love in forms of suckers, hearts and chocolate.  Nothing says loving like 4.5 ounces of truck!Or a very special Valentine from My Loving Spouse, who had to fix some of the words in the card he found.I love these guys!

Staying on the lighter side of life, we’ve warmed up a tad.  Can you figure out where our septic system is?  The warmest spot in the yard.The hoar-frost is beautiful on every branch…Although it is quite possible that Pooh, does not agree…with hoar frost on her whiskers, as she continues her campaign to become a house cat.  (Which is NOT happening).In other bits of randomness… do you know what type of Danish mid-century Modern furniture goes well in a 1889 year old American farm-house?

NONE!  (Except a very good sewing table, but that is all about function not form.)

In other words the furniture we moved here with, (that I never liked), but My Loving Spouse was fond of…is finally gone!  My Loving Spouse took pity on my furniture angst and said…sell it…and so we did.  Which is why we currently now have imaginary dressers and odd random empty spaces around the house.  I am scouring the internet for just the right furniture for a funny shaped home.  I am in a design frenzy.  I’d even repaint the bedroom today, if I could actually get to the paint store (except for the whole black ice problem).

Have a great day, where ever you are…

I may go have some more coffee and just a small bite of truck, yes, I am blessed.

  • Diane

    In my 38 years of elementary Valentine’s days, I have never seen a Chocolate Valentine truck. It is so cute! Love that your Loving Spouse is so creative! The hoarfrost is quite beautiful, even on the cat! Wishing you more black ice mornings or warmer days!!!

    • Thank you my friend! My chocolate truck is pretty sweet! Broke down and bought paint after work…painted the bedroom…since we have less furniture currently!

  • Miriam

    Glad to hear you’ve been able to look on the lighter side of winter. BTW, I had to look up “hoarfrost”, cuz I’ve never seen that down here! And Pooh certainly looks demonic in that photo… I wouldn’t let her be a house cat either unless she has an attitude adjustment. Where does she live currently? The barn? Is it warmish in there?

    • She is a “Barn Cat”, hence has the full run of the barn, which is not that cold. She just wants to be a house cat!

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