May 2, 2014

In case you missed the ‘memo’, I still love cows.  I love our cows, but they do not really ‘love’ back.  They tolerate us, because we bring them food.  Agnes eats a lot…all the time…she acts hungry.  Agnes eats like…a pregnant cow with their due date just around the corner, which it is…possibly another month.  We’ve a lot going on, so sometimes My Loving Spouse gets stuff mixed up.cowspicmIn a conversation with Our Friend the Farmer about Agnes calving, I overheard him say…

“Oh, she is expected to deliver at the end of June or early July…”

I did have to interrupt.

“Ah, Sweetie…Agnes is due to calf in June…the July date, that was for THE Grandchild”.

  • Miriam

    Well….. It’s easy to mix up those dates if you’re a guy….

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