What’s A Mother To Do?

January 5, 2015

Watch out Hong Kong, she is coming…laurapc1One would never describe My Girl as being shy.  When she was a small child and we’d run into friends at the grocery store, she would hug them, chat with them, be happy to see them and then as we walked away, she’d say,

“So, who was that?”

She lived by the code that said, hug first, find out who they are second.

To say that the Lord has stretched me by being her mother would be an understatement.  This move to this town, this home and the timing was all about attempting to give her a better life…who knew…how far she would take this opportunity!

There have been many hats for me to wear to help her get to where she is today…and now…she is setting out…in a big way…feeling called on a mission to South East Asia for 5 months.  I know she’ll get…

lonely  tired  happy  exhilarated  excited  joyful  amazed  exhausted  overwhelmed  blessed  sad  glad and probably a few others…

I have been wondering….what is my job now?

I have this feeling…

that I am to find others to join with me in praying for her daily while she is gone.  So…I am ‘looking’ for 31 people who will agree to pray 5 times while she is gone…31 people who will pray one day a month for 5 months…

My job right now…I think is to send her off, but to cover her in prayer…

I believe in the power of prayer, even though I am not a big ‘out loud’ prayer, that is not my gift.  I am a simple prayer, a sort of reader’s digest kind of prayer…

I pray in simple words…and yet…isn’t it great that we cannot do ‘it’ wrong.

Together, we can keep My Girl covered in prayer for each day while she is on this mission…and for many of you…I know, this is not the first time you’ve lifted her in prayer….and we are blessed.

If you’re willing to be 1 of the 31, please send me an email to ellenewalton@gmail.com…and say Prayer 31 or comment here on the blog…and thank you….from the bottom of this mom’s heart.


25 responses to “What’s A Mother To Do?”

  1. Richard Godley says:

    Now I am confused (not difficult!) am I a date or a day Ellen? – I’d hate for me to not get it right!…Richard x

  2. Laurie Hiller says:

    I would love to join the prayer circle from Mexico! We’ve been volunteering at the YWAM base here — it’s full of amazing kids. So excited for Laura!!!!

  3. Diane Emmons Dunton Brown says:

    Is there a day left for me?

  4. Christa Peitzman says:

    DUH!…I’m in! 🙂 Let me know my day and it will be on all Peitzman calendars!

  5. Sandy Ravana says:

    Count me in, it is an honor to pray for Laura and all of you!

  6. Amy says:

    Add us to the list! I will get my whole family in on it 🙂 By the way, did she raise all the money she needed? I kept forgetting to contact you about that.

  7. Katelyn Cunningham O'Burke says:

    Me too! I’m in. Let me know my day. Such an awesome opportunity for her!

  8. Pam and Dan says:

    We’d love to join the team. Give us a number!

  9. John says:

    I’m in – and we’ll pray for you & Pat who will be worrying, wondering, and missing her while she’s gone.

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