Wedding day delight

July 16, 2012

With a dab of sunscreen to Pat’s head and adorning my head with my very ‘proper’ hat, we declared ourselves ready for one of life’s great pleasures, a child’s wedding.  Wearing a large brimmed hat I quickly learned can make it hard to hug people, perhaps this is why they are so popular at British weddings.  I, however, am a huger, so the hat took some getting use to.  After knocking it into a few people’s heads, I did manage to perfect my very own ‘hat hugging’ technique.

I flashed my handsome son our “I love you” sign as I walked down the aisle.  I cried when the vows were recited and cried again when I danced with my son.  I grinned from ear to ear for almost everything else, especially when dancing with my Pat and his new hip.  There was a small group of us laughing and dancing together, but mostly the party was outside.  The bride and groom had set up lawn games and as soon as the cake was served invited everyone out to play.  This was their wedding done their way and it was perfectly, practical and fun.

When I lost my folks, I remember feeling like the axis had shifted in my life.  At my son’s wedding, my axis shifted again, in a wonderful, delightful way.  To paraphrase the best man, number one son married “the peanut butter to his jelly”.  The bride has felt like family for so long, that the wedding just makes it easier to clarify who she is, my darling daughter.  The biggest difference is a feeling of having gained an extended family of uncles, aunts, brothers, etc.  I was unprepared for this blessing and this acceptance of us, and for their excitement to be a part of our life and join us in our adventure here at Glory Farm.


  • Judy Dahlson

    Beautifully said Ellen…. as always….we are so happy for all of you and the addition of a wonderful daughter in law to your fold….sending many hugs!

  • Congratulations! I’m so happy for all of you!!!

  • Sheena

    Oh, Ellen, well done you all, you bring a tear to my eyes, how fantastic,
    even though I have never met your family, but met you through Pat, I am sure everything will be perfect.
    I hope the happy couple will be as happy as I have in my marriage 41 years this month!
    Love to you all
    Allan and Sheena XXXX

  • Miriam

    What a joyous day! The newlyweds look so in love.
    I adore your hat! Post more pix…. of hat and wedding.

    • Sheena

      Yes please more photos!

  • Susan

    Love it all!! What a perfect hat!! You all looked beautiful!!

  • Sandy Ravana

    Congratulations to all! It looks like a perfectly lovely day filled all with the best blessings of life.
    Thanks to your blog, I am so enjoying being able to share a bit of your wonderful adventure at Glory Farm.
    Sending love,

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