January 22, 2016

Although this blog is filled with ‘my’ words, it has been your words, response, fellowship and prayers that have carried me through the last few days and where I have found my ‘rest’.waitingMy Skinny Cousin’s prayer with scripture attached allows me to reread and repray and rest in God’s word.waiting scrapsMy dear wise friend that simply stated…she gets exhausted during times of suffering…and I can better accept the tiredness I feel.waiting scraps 2I acknowledge that sewing soothes my soul and pick up a scrappy quilt I’d started…waiting scraps 3Instead of waiting for each night…I start praying out loud with My Loving Spouse each morning…waiting squareMy Loving Spouse is let go from his job…they feel they cannot wait for the time it will take for him to get better…and so I sew.waiting strengthChocolates and cards come in the mail…

My Loving Spouse turns the heat on in my sewing studio, so when I get home from work it is warm…and I rest…in my creative place…waiting quilt cornerI now call this the ‘Waiting Quilt’… as I learn to rest…and to ‘wait’…waiting quilt

Isaiah 40:31

 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…”

  • Diane

    Waiting is such a hard thing to do but I love what you have created in your waiting. I am glad you are able to “do something creative” every day. I pray that when your Loving Spouse is healed that a wonderful position doing something he cares about is laid before him.

    • I love your prayer, thank you!
      We do love this quilt and it makes us happy as well… as you know…being ‘creative’ is healing as well!
      Grateful for you,

  • Glenda Webster

    The quilt is beautiful. So sorry about LS being layed off. Do hope he is mending and feeling better soon. You certainly put your energies into a fun and useful object.

    • Thank you Glenda, we do love it and it is for what we call the “Buck-a-roo room… for all those future little buck-a-roos we may have staying!

      Pat is doing fairly well…getting better.

      hugs to all,


  • Miriam

    What a gorgeous quilt!!! I love the name and I knew sewing would be soothing for you. So sorry about Your Loving Spouse being layed off. That sucks. Sending more hugs and love to all at Glory Farms.

    • Thanks Mims…
      It came out fun and it is for what we are calling the ‘Buckaroo room’ for all the little Buckaroos in our future (we hope).

  • Christa Peitzman

    You, my friend, excel at lemonade from lemons. Many hugs coming from down under to you! In times like yours I will say I do allow myself one big pity party day!! I find it very cathartic! Allow yourself to do what it takes to care for you which in turn allows you to care for those around you. As a wise women once told me, ” you can’t keep handing out apples if you don’t take time to refill the basket!”
    Much love!!!! ChristaP

    • Dear Friend,
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      I shall follow your advice!

  • Dianne

    I love how you take scrap and make it beautiful! Thank you for your transparency. Rest, breathe, feel, process, heal …

  • Lorie Ames

    Rest, wait, and keep your mind filled with Jesus, things you love to do, friends and family. It is all you can do to get through this time. I remember your family in prayer everyday. (((HUGS)))

    • Appreciate each prayer and (hug)…
      thank you!

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