February 21, 2013

Vocabulary is important, it is how we define and understand the things around us.  It is the backbone to all language.  I must say, I’ve learned a LOT of new farm-country vocabulary during my short time here.  I must admit to getting some of the ‘vocabulary’ in my previous posts ‘wrong’, well not wrong so much as not quite ‘right’.  I’d like to make those clarifications now…

Aggressive – is not used to describe a cow, especially a cow who has just calved.  She is snorty.  I must say, I like this word.  I’ve certainly seen some ‘snorty’ cows, and as much as I did like being a Realtor in California, I’d have to say, that I’ve certainly seen some ‘snorty’ Real Estate agents.

Pregnant – one is not supposed to say pregnant cow, it is a bred cow.  I don’t think it would be wise to refer to any female human you know who is pregnant, as having been bred… just not a good idea, enough said.

Intact – For all the biblical scholars out there, this would be the opposite of a Eunuch.  Or should you hear two men arguing and one were to say to the other, “Don’t you have any balls?”  The answer when ‘intact’ would be a resounding “yes”!  (Note to all: when in the country be careful when around any ‘intact’ large animals as they are unpredictable.)

Pop – is not your Grandfather, ‘pop’ is a soda.

I’m sure I will get more words ‘wrong’ and will have to continue to relearn my vocabulary, just as one does when visiting a foreign country.  So, while on the subject of foreign countries, may I just say to all our British friends and family who may be visiting us here in Ellensburg someday, please excuse them, as they do not know what they are saying.  You see, My Loving Spouse has unintentionally spread a ‘bad’ word around our sweet little community.  The problem is, that it is a really good word to say, when things don’t go right, and in American, it doesn’t sound like a bad word.  It starts off with a nice consonant (B) and ends with a great sounding -‘er’, so it rolls off your lips when you need it.  Because My Loving Spouse is a likable guy, he’s met a lot of people around town and managed to get into a predicament of two where he’s ” used this ‘word’ and so the ‘word’ has spread…. because, ‘they’ don’t know British vocabulary.  So Ellensburg, all I can say is “I am sorry”, please go back to just using ‘darn’.

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