Vegetable Garden

August 24, 2015

Most days it seems as if my motto should be…

“I don’t really know what I am doing, but I’m trying my best.”

No where does that bloom more readily than in my vegetable garden.  I can take little credit for the good results…that is God’s magic.  My weeding and watering schedule are both random.  The only thing I know to do religiously is close the gate to keep the chickens out. harvest tom

My tomato plants went crazy.  Huge bush like monsters hiding the produce within.  In an effort to find and save the fruit I removed all the vines without tomatoes.  I worried more about finding and getting the current fruit off the ground, than the plant growing more fruit.  I was amazed at what was hiding under the bush.harvest tomatoNow all the tomatoes are supported by random wire cages to keep them off of the ground…and the gate shut.

This sneak peek at my pumpkins will show that I have powdery mildew on some of them.  How dare that stuff!  Now I need to pull those leaves off as well (according to the internet after I Googled ‘Powdery mildew’).  You can also spray it with milk and water, but I have too many pumpkins to try that solution.harvestThe pumpkin patch is out performing itself once again.  Most of my family members still roll their eyes when I mention the word ‘pumpkin‘, so I am twice as thrilled to have THE Grandson, because I can tell him all the time…

“Wait until you see Grammy’s pumpkins!”

He never rolls his eyes at me….of course he hasn’t learned how to do that yet, but you can tell he is a really good listener.jonahSo now I shall return once more to painting the house…it may never end…

I wish you all a blessed day.

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  1. Miriam says:

    That’s a mighty fine looking vegetable garden! My Dad used to plant one every year… TONS of tomato bushes just like yours. He’d pick so many tomatoes, we couldn’t possibly eat them all. So he’d load up a little red wagon with tomatoes and go to all our neighbors and give them some.

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