Unfold The Map

September 2, 2016

There are certain times in one’s life, where quitting is just not an option.  When the garden hose attached with the sewer unplugger is stuck in the waste pipe one is trying to unstick…yes, that would be just one of those times.  My Loving Spouse crawls under the house.  My instructions are to jam the hose up and down so he can hear where it is stuck.  Basic plumbing at its finest.septic patOh, yes, we are a formidable team.  He learns a lot while he is down ‘there’, mostly that he’ll never be the one replacing the main sewer line and we add that to the list called, “When our ship comes in”.

Luckily for us, we who do not quit, we do get the hose out.  Bad news is that the line is still plugged.  We develop a new plan of attack, called ‘go at it from the other end’.  This means digging up the Clean Out lid.  One would think this would be easy, because

1. We’ve done it before.

2.  We have a map.

We measure and dig a bit and learn a valuable life lesson…maps work best when completely unfolded…PicMonkey CollageWe do find THE lid.  We open it up.  We decide to completely go British at this time…have a cup of tea or (jam, biscuits and coffee.)spetic jamThe only ones sort of excited that we had to dig up the septic clean out hole seems to be the chickens.spectic chxWe reorganize and rent some serious plumbing equipment.  This takes multiple available ‘hands’ or  feet as it were as Number Two’s job seems to be to step on the control that runs the line.  My Loving Spouse handles the line that digs in the pipe.  I mostly stand back and say stuff like, ‘Well done!’  Grateful to not be hanging on to anything that has been inside our pipes.PicMonkey Collage (1)At this time someone drives into our yard to ask if we are selling hay.  Now, nothing says, ‘We’ve got hay for sale’ like having one’s back-end sticking out of your septic clean out trap.  There were a lot of items this person could have asked if we did, but selling hay was not actually on the list.

The hay buyer is redirected.

The rental sewer unsticker is returned after having done the job.

We’re back in love with our wonderful old house.  The pipes are running freely.  We’ve all showered and smell good, instead of all just smell.

Life is good and we are blessed.

2 responses to “Unfold The Map”

  1. Diane says:

    Oh, the joys of home ownership! This looks like a job I would not enjoy participating in, however, I do enjoy flushing toilets and hot showers! Glad you are feeling blessed!

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