Tough Stuff

January 4, 2017

It is winter and it is cold.  We are living in a multi-climate house.  It is very exciting.  No, that is a lie, it is crazy.  My goal (eventually) is for this home to often/usually/mostly be the same temperature (livable), give or take a few degrees in all the rooms.  Right now, it is a tad…chilly…but, not everywhere.  The family room and kitchen are toasty warm.  The bedrooms are reasonably comfortable with heaters and electric blankets.  The living room is a tad chilly.  The sewing room downright cold and the pantry is freezing!  Going from room to room…is…crazy.  Each morning My Loving Spouse or I fetch coffee for one another.  We adorn ourselves in slippers and robe for the journey to the kitchen.  My Loving Spouse wears all that stuff, because he is British.  I wear all that stuff, because I don’t want to freeze.

How cold is it?This was today’s single digit, when I went out to feed the animals.  The important part is the wind, catch the ‘feels’ like temperature.I fed the horses, put them out and cleaned their stalls.  I have learned it is easier to do this right after the horses have been in their stalls and everything is still ‘warm’.  Scooping up soggy hay is easier before it freezes to the barn floor.  The ‘road apples’ (horse poop) on the other hand seems to work the other way, once it is frozen, that poop just rolls around like marbles on a tin roof.

I was then off to school.  School is never canceled and certainly not for cold weather.  Recess in the country is a beautiful thing.  The playground is huge and the kids have plenty of play time.  The weather?  Handled with age-old common sense.


Go outside and play, you’ll be fine.


Go outside and play, you’ll be fine.


Go outside and play, you’ll be fine…and you, kindergarteners do not stand under rain gutter down spouts.

Cold weather, single digits as we had this morning?

We do not send them outside, don’t be silly.  We wait until it warms up.

15 degrees?

Go outside and play, you’ll be fine.

…and they were and always are, and we are as well.


2 responses to “Tough Stuff”

  1. Miriam says:

    Your school kids are a hardy bunch. Back here, as you know, if there is even a hint of rain mist, recess outside is cancelled. I guess So Cal kids are sugar cubes and will melt away if they get wet. Though I certainly would NOT be outside in 15 degree weather! Stay warm!

    • Ellen Walton says:

      You won’t see me doing recess duty! The kids all wear snow pants, jackets, hats and gloves…they leave a trail of hats and gloves everywhere they go!

      This will pass and it will warm up and snow soon, then I will not have to wear a knitted cap to bed!

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