To The Rescue

June 13, 2013

Stuff happens.  It seems to happen a lot more in the country, because there are more ‘creatures’ and we creatures tend to get into trouble.  However, this time it was not I that was in trouble…

Just past the alfalfa field from our house is a field that is the summer home to Our Friend the Farmer’s heifers, (not his big cows, the little cows… well, they are not actually ‘cows’ yet, because they haven’t had a calf yet, so they are heifers or teenage girl cattle).  Like all groups of teenage girls, there is always one.  Anyway this one, got out and was standing in the road.  My Loving Spouse spied her and hollered to me, “The heifer’s are out!”, even though it was just one, which is a good thing because so far our cattle wrangling skills are still a work in progress.  We jumped into the truck to head off down the road in an attempt to keep her from becoming premature hamburger.  I called Our Friend the Farmer to alert him of the situation.  His first concern to we cow wranglers was sort of important, “Let’s be sure it is mine.”  Good idea, I thought to myself.

“Does it have a blue tag?”


“Does the number start with 2?”

‘Yep, 203… the little trouble maker.  We’ll keep her off the road until you get here.’

2013-06-08 10.12.36

It was going to take Our Friend the Farmer 10-15 minutes to get down to the scene of the wayward heifer.  203 in the mean time, left the road and decided to visit the neighbors.  This seemed pretty good to me as the neighbor’s yard was fenced.  I became the temporary fence across the drive way to keep 203 off the road.  My Loving Spouse took the job he has perfected over the years.  I think this picture tells the tale pretty well.

2013-06-08 10.19.22

My Loving Spouse hard at work doing the job, called ‘Chatting with people you’ve never met before’.  With My Loving Spouse doing his job, the neighbor didn’t seem too bothered that 203 was in their yard, while I kept 203 off the road.

Our Friend the Farmer showed up on his ‘bike’ and ran 203 back to the herd.  I think our first rescue went pretty well.  We did learn however, that most of the people don’t like their flower gardens mangled up by a cow, so if possible it is best to keep the wayward teenager to the side of the road.  I think I will grab a long stick or a shovel for my next rescue, to move the cow back down the road, because one cannot always count on My Loving Spouse being around to do his ‘chatting’ job thereby keeping the heifer safe and the neighbors happy.

2013-06-08 10.24.38

2 responses to “To The Rescue”

  1. Diane Brown says:

    It is an interesting breed…these men who have conversations with people they have never met before. So unlike me.

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