This Is It!

August 30, 2015

This is it!  This is the day, the last weekend in August and I was sure yesterday that I would finally be able to do our big ‘reveal’.  I’d be showing you this old house all painted and pretty…all done!  Not more cat pictures…painting poohNot more cow pictures…although the little girls are growing so well and we LOVE to see them racing around the field together.  They are seldom one without the other.herdNot pictures of the dog yard where pumpkins have decided to grow…pumpkin dog

All we had left was building the porch railings.  My Loving Spouse had managed to figure out how to keep them secure and not twist (as he imagines small boys playing on them) as well as not split…railingI had but one porch floor left to paint…painting porchesToday was going to be the day…except for last night…  Last night My Loving Spouse became sick…very sick…there will be no railing building today and so I get to practice patience….again…and be reminded of one of life’s lessons from the pumpkin patch.  A pumpkin growing between the fence…even when we’re in a tight spot, there is room to grow.pumpkin in a fenceMay you be blessed today…

7 responses to “This Is It!”

  1. Lorie Ames says:

    Yay pictures soon! I hope that man of yours is better soon and I think that pumpkin is super cool!

  2. Diane says:

    Can’t wait for the big reveal! Great photos in the mean time!

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