The New Realm

January 6, 2013


As I have mentioned, the Queen’s realm was lacking the majesty it deserved.  Isn’t it amazing what a little paint, cleaning and organizing can do for a room?  I, the Queen am happy in my new realm and smile whenever I go in the laundry room.



My special paint, ‘Someone screwed up half price blue’ is clean, inviting and easily worth twice its price.  The shelves that I have always loved and brought with us, have not had a home in our new house, but they did just fit here in the laundry room, at least after I bent the floor heater a teeny tiny bit and hammered them into place, then they fit.  I needed a way to organize everyone’s clothes, (because I do wash them, but I don’t deliver them).  I was too cheap frugal to spend a lot of money on fancy big baskets, so I modge-podged apple boxes with newspaper.  Being that this is Washington, apple boxes are easy to find.  I felt a little funny modge-podging them, as really, who does this?  BUT, I liked them and after all this is  my room/realm.  Then I remembered that my mother had wall papered waste baskets to match the wall paper in different rooms and this thought was oddly NOT comforting.  However, I continued to modge-podge away anyway.


My all time favorite of the laundry room is my ‘new’ detergent holder.  A very old-fashioned aluminum cooler that I found in our garage and ear marked as ‘mine’ and ‘do not throw it away’ because it is cool and I’m going to use it for something.  It does not have a lid, so for this use, it is perfect.


We got the arctic wind to stop blowing through the laundry room by picking up two cast off doors for a few dollars from The Habitat for Humanity store.  Adding these missing doors certainly makes the room warmer and cleaner.  This space will still someday (God willing) become part of the Master bathroom so I didn’t want to spend very much money on it.  However, we spent less than $80, and it was well worth it and the Queen of the Laundry is pretty darn happy.


  • Diane Brown

    It is good to be Queen! Can’t wait to see the new room IN PERSON!!!

  • Pat

    Your new throne room looks so gorgeous! I love that blue–you couldn’t have picked a better color!

    Also I loved your video of the target practice. But really, no fair that they didn’t warn you about the “kick”. Happy New Year!

  • Christa P

    Looks soooooooo great!!!!!

  • Miriam

    LOve your realm! And your “found” and hodge podge items add so much character. THere was one thing missing though…. where is your crown?

    • Ellen

      It is in the laundry, of course

  • Heather Flatley

    Wow! Gorgeous!

  • Sue and Gary

    The laundry room is beautiful!!!

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