The Lights are Up!

December 4, 2012

I think I began imagining how pretty lights would be on this house at Christmas about a nano-second after we found out it would be our new home.  Actually getting the lights on the house I knew was going to be a bit of a challenge.  Luckily, My Loving Spouse and I were on the same wave-length for this one.

What color lights do you want?  

WHITE! – agreed!

How many should we get?

Enough! – How much is that?  

I have no idea, but I’m sure whatever we buy won’t be it.  

We even agreed to put them up the ‘hard’ way, screwing in cup hooks to the eaves of the roof, thereby making it the ‘easy’ way next year.  The only argument we had, was who was going up the really, really, really tall ladder.  I thought I should, because My Loving Spouse was still feeling under the weather.  He thought he should because he’s good at it, as if that should make a difference.  Actually, it turns out that, it was a pretty good reason, as after he did the hard part (balancing around the electrical wires) he let me have a go at it and I froze at about 14 feet up with another 5 feet to go.  The ladder worked great, but it was wiggly   Wiggly and up high, sort of did me in.  I came back down the ladder feeling badly about my ladder climbing skills.  My Loving Spouse reminded me I am really good at laundry, and he is right.  I do ace laundry.  I did redeem myself toward the end and got on top of the roof to screw in the last of the cup hooks.

The only other hard part was returning the borrowed ladder to the church.  The problem with driving a really big truck in our town is that everybody drives really big trucks, so ‘everybody’ is under the misguided notion that I can actually drive our really big truck around town and they of course would be wrong.  Our truck is a long bed and has a front seat and a back seat so it is a verrrrrrry long truck.  Add a ladder that sticks out the back a few feet and I felt like I was driving a school bus.  I took the route that would have me making the least amount of turns and was grateful that on some of these streets the speed limit was 20 mph.  I did manage to return the ladder and get our truck home without mishap.

The lights look great!  We know, because The Teen loves them.  In fact, The Teen actually drives home the long way so she can see the house lit up across the neighboring field.  Not only did we buy ‘enough’, but it turns out that we bought two times ‘enough’ (trust me having the store be far away is a powerful motivator to get ‘enough’ of everything no matter what we are doing).  So, since we have more than ‘enough’…. the lighting of Glory Farm, I have a feeling is not yet finished.

  • The Loving Spouce

    There must be a conspiracy, Our Friend The Farmer, who visited today recons we should put lights on the Back of the house so he can enjoy them from his place and passed the info on to the Mrs. And l thought he was on my side!

  • Diane Brown

    The lights are beautiful. So glad you both survived the ladder!

  • Sheena

    Oh WOW!

  • Picture perfect 🙂

  • Christa P

    They look great…my hunch is next year there will be double!

    • Ellen

      Maybe next week!

  • Heather Flatley

    NICE!!!! Good job!! I think you need to do the lower half of the house now…….

  • Miriam

    Your lights look so beautiful! I don’t blame you about that ladder, either. I think your loving spouse should have also said that you are VERY good at writing your blog!

    • Ellen

      Sweet, thanks Mims.

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