The Laundry Room

December 31, 2012

In the all important ‘big’ picture, the laundry room will someday be moved and the space incorporated into the Master bathroom to make it… masterful.  However, for now the Queen of the Laundry (me) has had an awkward, tired, COLD and depressing room to work in.  We needed to make a change.  Some of us didn’t really understand the need for this project as they rarely go into the laundry room.  I knew I could do most of the work myself, but I need them to move the dryer vent and disconnect the old sink.

After I got them to spend a bit of time in the laundry room, they quickly (well…not quickly… more like eventually) came to the same conclusion that it needed some help.  Luckily for My Loving Spouse, Number Two Son was here to help should there be any issues under the house that he couldn’t reach, and assuring us all that we’d be connected to the ‘real’ world during all work as he is an expert at maintaining his connection on his iphone.




Down through the trap door in the ‘master’ bathroom to reach the plumbing, dryer vent and have a good look around.



Now this is what real loving looks like.

Thank you Sweetie….


See how great his new hip works?  Actually, this was a great find, as not only was he able to move the dryer vent, but he really did have a good look around and saw he can ‘easily’ get to all of our plumbing.  The plans to improve and update our plumbing are now in the beginning stages, while I tackle the painting and clean up of the laundry room.

As you can see, I have all the needed supplies  paint roller, rag, paint and diet coke.  I’d set out for the hardware store with a beautiful gray/blue paint color firmly decided on for the new, bright and cheery laundry room.  However, I did find a color, I liked even better.

It is called, “Someone screwed up Half price Blue”.



Goodbye old Laundry room!

  • Peggy O’Leary

    Your loving spouse is pictured working in a Notre Dame sweatshirt. Does this mean that he is a far or is he wearing it because he picked it up at a thrift store? Your loving SC fan who today lost yet another game :(( Oh well!

    Happy New Year from the queen of pooper scooping, this year with 9 al-anons.

  • Miriam

    I think you need one more item to complete your tool list for painting…. chocolate!
    Please provide photos when laundry room is completed. Interested in the color of “Half price Blue”.

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