The Grands

October 19, 2015

THE Grandson has got some really amazing grandparents!  I am not talking about those that might possibly live on a farm.  I am talking about The Grands that read this blog and take my predicaments with great seriousness.

spice it up

Pony Express to the rescue!  They found the creamer in Spokane, drove it to Seattle where they went for a football game and then swung by Ellensburg for the delivery!

spiceWe brewed up a pot of coffee and shared some pumpkin spice creamer.  Of course I gave them a pumpkin and we talked about THE Grandson.  We all agreed that he is smart, fun and delightful.  Oh, we love him so….

THE Grandson’s got some great Grandparents, which I appreciate on all kinds of levels!

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  1. Diane says:

    Yay! Enjoy your coffee!

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