The fourth

July 5, 2012

A delightful but different 4th of July for me!  It has only just gotten warm here, which is fine with me.  My California collection of sandals have been mostly gathering dust in my closet.  I did break them out for the 4th and the BBQ we were going to, until the teen informed me that the ranch we were headed to was ‘not a sandal’ place.  Probably a good thing as the only one who has gotten a pedicure around here is the horse!

The ranch was gorgeous!  A view of our valley, sitting up high over their old barn, lush lawns with goats & chickens wandering about, cattle, horses and the family dogs.  A beautiful and stately home, yet I knew I had found a kindred spirit when I walked into their family room to see a table with so much interest and character, I thought it might be an old barn door.  Turns out it was a table she had found in an old barn.  Cleaned it up and brought it in, my kind of gal!

We’re still not use to the way they do things here, but believe me we are adjusting!  The community fireworks show was in a beautiful new park built by the Rotary club with ball fields, soccer fields and plenty of grass.

The parking  – free, the admission – free, the guy riding around handing out glow necklaces – free.

I am grateful to be here, to be making friends, and to live in a country where we can change our life if we chose.


  • Diane Brown

    Here, here! (for the last statement).

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