The Christmas Towels In June

June 6, 2016

I hope someday to remember this time with…warm feelings for a job well done…our gift of time/support/love/routine to 2 children who needed us.  z frog

However, here is the ugly Monday evening truth.  My Loving Spouse is gone for work (again).  Number Two Son is at rehearsal.  Mr. T. is screaming his lungs out, totally pissed off to be put to bed.  Z is watching a mind-numbing Disney Channel sit-com and all I can hope for is that I too, do not start screaming out loud.  pup

The puppies are fed, after all 8 were biting my sandaled toes, while the toddler in my arms started screaming as well, deciding that he did NOT want to ‘see da puppies!’  The pups are cutest from a distance…sometimes even their Mama Zoe thinks so….and I feel her pain.

The kitchen is ‘clean’ for the nano-second it will take before Z wants ice cream, which is all just a ploy to not go to bed, after all bedtimes in her world used to be optional.  I am rooting (insisting) for bedtime to come…and to come soon!  There will be a glass of wine waiting for me and quiet, oh, I can only hope!  The quiet might be optional, but at least I have control over the glass of wine.  Mr. T

I’ve started both of the last two mornings with a toddler throwing up on me and I gotta tell you, I do not miss this phase.

I am calm on the outside, kind, loving and consistent.  The truth is that this situation is taking a toll on me.  I will be taking care of these two for a few more weeks…then I will replenish and refill.  Hopefully, for the rest of this summer I’ll not be using the Christmas bath towels, because they are the only ones that are clean!

I am ready for a drama-free, boring summer.

Who knows I might even have time to give away some of the shit/poop/manure around here…but I barely even know these people, so maybe I will only share my poop with those I know….like you.cow shit…yes, I am blessed…pooped, not poop, but blessed.

  • Susan Scott

    You are really amazing! You definitely need some pampering…and we can help with that! I hope you and Pat will still be able to come over. We can do whatever you want to do, including doing nothing but relaxing, if that’s what you want!

    • I love you cousin! We hope to come…doubt Pat will make it, but Riley will be happy to cover the animals for me, so I can be the biggest vegetable ever!

  • Dawn Stimson Ellis

    Oh Ellen, I feel for you. It is a tiring task you have right now but such a generous gift for these children who have not known a normal life and stability. I admire your giving nature. Sending you big hugs for all you do.

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