The Cast Party

November 14, 2012

Our collection of Offspring have been to their fair share of cast parties, team parties and the like.  We’ve never been the hosting parents.  We’ve usually been the parents that roll into their warm cozy bed with admonitions that the Offspring be home by curfew.  This is a home to share and we were kind of excited that we were hosting the cast party for the Fall Play.

My Loving Spouse and I made our very own brand of luminaries for the driveway, using wide mouth large jars.  (A friend has given us a dozen large jars so we can pickle eggs, as soon as the darn chickens get around to laying them).  We didn’t have any sand to set the tea lights in, so we used… chicken meal.  All in all, it was much cleaner than sand and made it very easy to clean up the next morning and feed the chickens at the same time.

Aunt Nancy was making the trip to see her only niece in the play, so she had been adequately ‘warned’ that there would be a teen party going on afterward.  Aunt Nancy likes it quiet when she goes to sleep, crazy I know, and teens aren’t actually known for being quiet.  Especially, 44 of them….  The teens were fairly quiet and didn’t start to play the piano, until Aunt Nancy went to bed.  Luckily, all Aunt Nancy had planned was to ‘go to bed’, not to sleep for quite a while, so it was all good.

The Pastor had been to The Teen’s play the night before and turns out he is an excellent photographer.  He’d given her a CD with an amazing photo montage of the play.  We were able to run it on the DVD player to share with all the kids.  It was wonderful to watch them enjoy how they’d looked and see their hard work come together.  The Cast of Characters were impressively nice and quirky, surprisingly tidy and…. polite!  As they were all raised with Harry Potter, the cupboard under the stairs brought ‘oohs and aahs’.

We are merely the current care takers of this old house.  Our home is to be shared and we are so blessed.  The Cast loved this old house.  I did my best to act like a mature adult when they told me how amazing they found the house.  I act humble and nod my head politely, but inside I am still stunned that this is where we live and I really want to say, sort of in a loud teen voice, “I KNOW!!!  Isn’t it something else!”

  • Ellen Hawthorne

    Ellen, I LOVE reading your posts! Thanks for sharing your life!
    The other Ellen

    • Ellen

      Dear Ellen,
      Thank you so much! It is so nice to have you in the ‘loop’.
      Love to you and your mom at this time…

  • Diane Brown

    How wonderful to have a home where you can host “the cast party” and “the barn sale” and have people love it and appreciate it just as you do! It is truly a special place. I am so glad God led you to Glory Farm, I am sure He is delighted that you share it with others!!!

  • Miriam

    Congrats to the cast and especially the White Rabbit! Your home sounds like a great place to have a party.

  • Sheena

    Ellen, I think after ALL THE HARD WORK you two have put into your new home I think you SHOULD SHOUT about it! And you should be VERY PROUD of what you have achieved there. Well done both of you. Sxx

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