The Birthday Present

December 2, 2015

My Little Sister’s birthday is today.  (Excuse me, favorite little sibling, but if you are turning 48, then you are making me feel old…sheesh!)  The past few years, I have sent her home-made gifts.  I was wondering what to make her this year and had an original thought.  Perhaps I should make her something she actually wanted, so I asked her.

‘Is there anything I could sew you for your birthday?’  The implication being, something I knew how to make…ie: a bib or a table runner since I do not really know how to sew many things.

“Oh, how sweet! I’d love a small cross body purse!”

Seriously?  I didn’t know how to sew a purse, cross body or not.

I found a pattern and a website that spoke in English, not in ‘sewing’, since I do not speak ‘sewing’.  Number Two Son and My Loving Spouse helped pick the fabric colors…purse flapsI began learning…the pockets were super easy and I love the two-tone look.purse pocketsLuckily, I could keep the website handy as I worked away.  (Thanks, Snips & Spice, you were amazing).purse buildingThe truth is that the bag was very fun to make and not as hard as I’d thought.  I am a little bit sorry that My Little Sister got my first one, since there is always a learning curve.

This is a random, but impressive display of the carrots I pulled from the garden to make My Girl some soup…purse carrotsMy Girl then agreed to model the messenger bag…complete with modeling attitude…purse modelThe other side… a bit wrinkled…oh, well… this is a true life blog (more modeling attitude).purse modelingThen I looked back at the original request from My Little Sister and realized she wanted a ‘small bag’…oh dear!  Maybe I should have just sent her a bib….but she likes it!purse messageLove you Sis!


4 responses to “The Birthday Present”

  1. Diane says:

    For someone that has avoided sewing and reluctantly attended the quilting group, you have come a long way, baby! That purse is fabulous. Your talent knows no bounds!

  2. Miriam says:

    Ellen, you are a wonder! Don’t know how to make something, just look it up and do it! Nice looking purse, love the colors and even nicer looking model. Tell her “hello” from me!

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