THE Baby’s Quilt

March 12, 2014

I’d have to say that I think I have shown great restraint in not mentioning constantly occasionally that I am going to be a Grandmother!  Yep, yep, yep we’re waiting on a baby!!!  Not just any baby, but a GRAND BABY!  Number One Grandchild is due July 8, 2014…but I keep thinking it will be born on My Loving Spouse’s birthday a week or so early…no reason for thinking this, but I do.

quiltpicm5I know this baby’s other Grandma is crocheting away and could possibly have made multiple blankets for this summer baby already.  So, does this baby really need a quilt from this Grandma?   Ah, no brainer…yes, absolutely, positively…and I had the need to make one.

I met up with the kids, parents of Number One Grandchild and spent a very fun morning picking out fabrics for the baby’s quilt.  I honestly could not wait to get home and start cutting it up.  I didn’t have a pattern, just a picture to go by, which lends itself to plenty of creativity.  Love that…

quiltpicm1This quilt is really just random strips of colors.  Many quilters could sew this up from their left over scraps in no time, but since I’ve only been quilting for a little while, I don’t really have very many left over bits of fabric….yet!



quiltpicm6This quilt has been so very much fun to make, BUT it is so not perfect!  I am told that the Amish make a ‘mistake’ in all their quilts as the only one that is perfect is God, that is a truism I can grasp.  I’m afraid though that my ‘mistakes’ are just that, mistakes, but made with love, not perfection I know it will be okay.  After all the hope is that it will be spit up on, dragged around and used.  Some would say the kid whales are not properly lined up with the Mama whale, I say…they are kids and are dawdling.

quiltpicm8Sometimes you have a new machine and you really don’t know how to use the fancy bits, but you try anyway…. and your “Heart Grammy” ends up looking like “Pretzel Grammy”quiltpicm9….and you just have to say ‘oh, well’…or you’re lucky enough to know the Number One’s will still really love the quilt and your daughter, My Girl says…’oh, pretzel Grammy will be your special code’…love that kid!  So to my family and friends… I pretzel you and to our Grand Baby…we pretzel you lots and lots!quiltpicm7I want to give credit to the quilter/blogger from whom we took our inspiration.

 Cornbread & Beans Quilting

She has a neat site and story and lots of quilt patterns to buy and some for free!


  • Lisa

    My first baby was due on July 8, 1995 but she joined the world 10 days early. If your little one does the same he will have a GREAT birthday buddy 🙂

  • Miriam

    Adorable quilt! Your Grandbaby to be is one lucky kidlet to get you and Pat for grandparents. And I agree with The Girl that Pretzel Grammy is a wonderful code name. You could do a whole themed thing with chocolate dipped pretzels, and handmade pretzles, and….. you get the idea.

  • Jane

    Sophie and I really love the quilt, it looks like you are really looking forward to another addition to the family. We especially liked the whales and the pretzel!

    • Ellen

      Oh, you bet we are!!

  • Sandy Ravana

    Great job Ellen! I once saw a sign that said “finished is better than perfect”
    I think this is great wisdom since I have so many unfinished projects.
    So happy that you will be a grammy too. This will be one lucky & blessed child.

    • Ellen

      Sandy, I LOVE that!!!

  • Candy

    So excited for you! Rob and I will be grandparents for the 2nd time in June. Katie will be having another boy and we are also getting pretty excited. Our 2 1/2 year old grandson has been such a JOY. Hopefully we can get the 3rd cousins, who will be practically the same age together sometime. 🙂
    P.S. I’ll always remember the wonderful one piece hooded white sweater (zipped up the back) that your Mom knit for Katie and of course Kevin wore it as well. Other knitters in the family all wanted the pattern and I know my Mom made one and I think Kay did as well.) Great family memories

    • Ellen

      Little boys on the farm, what fun that would be!! My mom only liked to knit for babies!

  • David

    And good looking. Your loving spouse if fortunate to have you for what’s on the outside, but more particularly for what’s on the inside. Oh, I find no personal inclination to start quilting, but you go girl! It must be a man failure.

    • Ellen

      As always, thank you dear one.

  • Dawn Ellis

    Ellen, I love your quilt! I recently started quilting and I love it. Your grandbaby is very lucky to have 2 creative grandmas. Blankets made with love are the best.

    P.S. You are looking good!

    • Ellen

      Thanks Dawn, I can imagine you will LOVE it and make some amazing things!

    • Ellen

      Thanks for the kind words!!

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