Studio Step 1

May 6, 2014

We I am in the process of creating a ‘studio’ (craft space, sewing room, desk-bill-paying-spot, ironing spot) out of the room that had been called the ‘library’ when we moved in.  The ‘library’ didn’t really have that much room for books with two bookcases, but it was a pretty room.  When we moved in, we sort of set it up for My Loving Spouse which in hind sight made very little sense as he is not a really big reader and he is not the bill payer.

The library studio could give me a place to get my paper craft items organized and easily usable, have the sewing machine up and be able to pay bills all with the added bonus of a door where I could keep The Damn Cat out!  I am only half done with the Studio transformation, but already I LOVE it!  The two bookshelves are set up in what I call a ‘separate but equal’ system for My Loving Spouse and I.studiopicm1

studiopicmThe rocking chairs are in place as is a very comfortable love seat, so there is plenty of ‘visiting room’ for my family to come and hang out as I am playing working.  I have a dream of an amazing cutting table designed for a Queen (a Craft Queen) complete with storage, an ironing board and room for a friend to work as well.  The Queen’s dream table is classy and clever and looks good, I just haven’t quite figured it all out with my pauper-like table budget…but I will.

There is still a teeny tiny bit of ‘relocation’ necessary from the days this was My Loving Spouse’s ‘Library’…studiopicm2…yeah, it is cramping my creative juices.

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  1. Diane Brown says:

    We know how important it is to have a good crafting space! So glad you are on your way to having one.

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